Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all. I hope you are all planning to dress your Pugs up and humiliate them in front of the hundreds of children that will be begging for candy at your door tonight. I don't want to be alone in my public humiliation. It just feels better knowing that other Pugs are suffering alongside me.

Last night we carved pumpkins and had our first fire of the year. It was a controlled fire, isolated mainly to the fireplace, so don't worry. We're fine. There was some smoke build-up at first, but we lived through it. I didn't help much with the carving since I mostly just tried to eat the pumpkins, but the People did a nice job carving them. I will post the Halloween pictures tomorrow for your entertainment.

After carving pumpkins, Woman made my costume. I am not pleased with my costume. It is not manly. I was hoping to be a pimp, but instead, I have to wear wings and a circlet of flowers. What the crap? I don't know why I have to get dressed up. I don't even get any of that candy! I am going to claim I am the Pimp Fairy if anyone asks.

As promised, here are some pictures of the Peoples' visit last weekend to Biltmore.

The purpose of the trip was to view the highly anticipated mum event. Each Autumn, the formal garden area is adorned in masses of mums. Woman was pretty excited about this. She was pleased with the outcome. This weekend the Biltmore starts decorating for Christmas. I'm surprised they didn't start sooner.

mums biltmore gardens

There were even mums planted inside the trellis. I like white mums.

mums biltmore gardens

That is a lot of mums! Woman says they were all planted in the ground too - they weren't just sitting there in their pots. She wonders how they keep them so fresh for so long. Ours get brown and ugly after just a couple weeks. She bets they are still in their pots, and the pots are plunged into the soil, and when they start to brown, they are promptly replaced with a new pot. That sounds like a good theory to me.

mums biltmore gardens

Here is a nice photo of a goose swimming around the pond. I bet his undercarriage is chilly.

autumn pond

And now for the highlight of the trip - The People discovered a new brand of car at the Biltmore, the Pugmire Grand Marquis! Very cool. I bet it comes with some awesome features like four paw drive, and well, I can't think of anything else witty enough to post, so feel free to fill in the blank with your own witty remarks.

pugmire car

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Remember not to put razor blades in any of the candy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumn Color

I had a pretty crappy weekend. The People left me alone Friday night, and then again most of the day on Saturday. They left me outside on Saturday, and they didn't make it home until it was already dark outside. Woman forgot to leave the light on for me, and the door to the porch slammed shut while I was up at the garden eating tomatoes, so I couldn't even get to my bed or my water. It was pretty darn cold outside too! Woman felt so bad about this that we snuggled on the couch for the rest of the night, but I am still holding a grudge.

On Saturday the People took a long drive up the Parkway to Graveyard Fields and went hiking. Here are some photos of their trip.

The mountains are lovely in their autumn colors.

mountain view parkway

Woman likes the red trees the best.

mountain view parkway

Graveyard Fields is the most popular hiking spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is the paved pathway leading down to the trails.

winding path graveyard fields

The unpaved trail varies in diffculty level. Here is a pretty view of the split-wood fence on the easier part of the trail.

mountain view parkway

Some pretty leaves against a beautiful blue sky.

autumn leaves

Raised walkways are installed at various parts of the trail, because it gets really muddy at times.

graveyard fields

Other parts of the trail are very rugged and even cross through little creeks like this one.

ian crossing creek

The trail gets increasingly steeper as you approach the waterfall. This is the waterfall at the end of the 1.3 mile hike. It's really not much pay off for the length of the hike.

waterfall graveyard fields

This is the waterfall at the end of the .3 mile hike. Much better pay off I'd say!

graveyard fields waterfall

And here are the People at the waterfall. Notice that I am NOT there. The nerve!

ian and tammy at waterfall

Here is a photo of an awesome campsite at Graveyard Fields. Woman says we are going to go camp there next year. Woo-hoo!

cool campsite graveyard fields

The People also went to Biltmore that day. I will share some of those photos with you later. For now, I have to go nap in front of the window, because the sun is hitting the floor just right for Pug hide tanning!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Me and Cats - The Inside Story

OK, so some unkind comments were made by me and some fellow Pugs regarding Cats and our personal views of Cats. I admit that I made some comments about eating Cats that were out of line, and although I later retracted those comments, I want to set the record straight and explain why I was so hesitant to accept a Cat / Pug blogger relationship at first.

The first Cat I ever met was actually a wee kitten when I met her. It was the Summer of 2004 at the Gammy's house. The kitten's name was Catface (aka, Tinkerbell). At first Catface was afraid of me, and she hid, but as the days passed, she became more and more brave and finally approached me. I was fascinated by her and took to bathing her like my own little baby. She seemed to like this. We would lounge around the house for hours while I bathed her. Sometimes she would snack on my food, sometimes we would romp. Times were good.

Now, fast forward to Christmas of the same year. Catface is no longer a kitten, but now a young Cat and wants nothing to do with me. She snubs me at every turn, not even taking the time to say Meow. Every now and then she takes a swat at me with her very long and sharp claws, and runs off cackling her cat cackle. I am sad, hurt, abandoned. My only animal friend at the Gammy's has outgrown me and become antagonistic toward me!

Catface is still at the Gammy's house and still treats me quite poorly. She stalks me, then pounces me, then runs away cackling. It's rude. I miss the good old days when I would bathe her. Her fur tasted so yummy.

Despite my bad experience with Catface, I tried to make friends with other cats around the neighborhood, but I received the same claw-drawn welcome. Now, I am terrified of cats. They have razors attached to their paws. I have no razors. They are going to win in a fight, so I stay away from them!

I hope all you cats and cat lovers can see now why I was surprised to see a Cat / Pug blogger relationship. I apologize for being so negative about the possibility that a Cat and Pug can get along in cyberspace, but I am now open to the prospect and welcome all cats with open paws. Please, just don't swat at me or pounce on my back. I'm still a bit uneasy in your presence.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Secret Admirer

One of my secret admirers has come out of the closet. Yes, I say one of them, because we all know I must have HUNDREDS of them out there swooning over me as they read my daily posts, biting their nails as they type me up an email, then deleting it because they know I am so much cooler than their email deserves me to be. I am so great! G-R-A-T! I mean, G-R-E-A-T! OK, that was a Simpson's reference I slipped into the conversation for good measure. We get a lot of Simpson's quotes around our house, because the People love the Simpson's, and after all, the Simpson's have done everything, so chances are, anything funny you have to say or might do has been done already on the Simpsons. OK, that was a Southpark reference. Our household isn't full of much original thought. We just sort of spew out memorized lines from our favorite shows and movies as they fit the situation. We don't have personalities here - we are tv-bots, which is odd since we don't have any tv access.

So anyway, one of my admirers has finally come forth to express their deepest devotion to me. Apparently, we have met once for a weekend fling, and this person didn't like me at first, but has come to realize they love me. They want me to refer to them as 'H.'

This isn't a whole lot of information, but the People have been reading Sherlock Holmes lately, and I think I have learned something from his methods. Let's see... A weekend fling, eh? I have had a lot of those. Didn't like me at first, eh? Everyone loves me! I can't imagine someone who didn't like me at first but likes me now. 'H,' eh? Maybe that is their first or last initial?

I can think of two people with first names that start with 'H' and with whom I had a fling that may have extended over a weekend. Hans and Holly. I seriously doubt it is Hans since he did leave me in the house alone for 27 hours straight. That isn't really the type of action a Norman-lover would take. Holly though ... hmmm ... did she despise me? Yes, I guess she did. She tried to steal my Hootie, and then the ball when we were playing fetch outside! Do you know she gets marshmallows as treats? Marshmallows! I do not get marshmallows. I should be the one who despised her! Well, Holly is the only one I can think of. I am guessing it is Holly! I guess we'll have to wait to see if my admirer leaves me another hint!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grandma Pug

Don't I look like a little old Grandma Pug modeling Roy and Gwen's Mom's Pay It Forward Gift?

norman modeling bamboo scarf

I'm an old lady! Give me some prunes!

Roy and Gwen look way cute modeling it too! It came out a little shorter than Woman preferred, but she knit it length-wise instead of width-wise and couldn't really make it any longer once it was done. I bet it stretches a little bit. It's so soft! I tried to get my hairs tangled up in it, but they didn't seem to want to stick to the soft bamboo yarn. Darn! Maybe next time I can Pug it up a little better for you.

Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug

Is there something wrong with me, or does "Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug" make your taste buds tingle? I start tingling when I hear "Wild Alaskan", and even hearing "Pug" at the end does not stop the tingle! Thankfully Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug is not a delicacy served at a local restaurant here in Asheville, but the title of a new Pug blog I just added to my links. Frances Louise, the Wild Alaskan Mountain Pug just started blogging earlier this month, so please stop by and welcome her to the Internet. Hello Frances! Welcome to blogville!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Canadaland

How does your mail be so s-l-o-w? I know you are your own separate country and all, but seriously, we're geographically tickling up against your soft underbelly from sea to shining sea. It's not like the mail has to fly across an ocean or take some sort of chunnel to reach its destination. How can it take so long to deliver a package sent from North Carolina? We even accept your quarters and pennies as our own legal tender (except some of those damn picky vending machines that spit the change out no matter how many times I put it in there)! Please deliver Lmizzle and Christine their Pay It Forward gifts. I have some really cute pictures of me modeling the gifts that I am absolutely dying to share with the world, and I cannot do that until Canada Post (ie; Postes Canada, ie; Crazy Frenchies) gets its butt in gear. Hurry the pug up!

Thinking My Thoughts

It's been raining since Punchy left, and I've been laying around, chewing my rib bone, thinking my thoughts. Every now and then I'll get the energy up to toss my new squirrel around a bit, but I'm feeling pretty lazy, so I stick mostly to chewing or napping. I wish my blogger friends lived closer. They're so much fun, and they compliment me like crazy. "Oh Norman, you're so cute." "Oh Norman, you're so thin." "Oh Norman, you're so much better than my Pugs." LOL! I love it. I wish Ian would have learned some of those compliments, but he didn't. Oh well. We should have another blogger get-together real soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome Back to Blogging Pughugs!

Woman and Punchy were just asking each other this past weekend, "What ever happened to Pughugs?". I guess she overheard them talking about her, because she is back! Hooray! I can't wait to see all the cute little outfits Bandit and Paisley will be sporting! Welcome back Pughugs!

Monday, October 22, 2007

You People Are Real?!!!?!

Holy Cow. I am surprised to find that at least some of you blogger people are real people! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought you were products of Pepsi Co. or possibly scripts written by Wal-Mart to subliminally brainwash Pugs and people to shop at your store. I stand corrected. You are real people. And you even bring gifts to further prove your realness!

I was very happy to see Woman pull into the driveway on Sunday afternoon returning from her trip to Charlotte for the Puggy Blogger Meetup, and I was surprised to see a red VW bug follow behind her. Who the heck did Woman bring home? Is it a Lady Pug? You know how much I want a Lady Pug! It was not a Lady Pug, but was instead Punchy! Wow! Of all the blogs I read, I would imagine Punchy would be the most not real account. I mean seriously - four Pugs? That has to be a fake account! But there she was - real as can be.

punchy and norman

A couple hours later, someone else pulled into the driveway. Who now? More real bloggers? No, it can't be! Yes it was! RPM and Aunt Sue! No way! I did not get a picture with them, but here is a picture of me with the present they brought me. Thanks! I love my new squirrel and will be trying my best to destroy it thoroughly.

norman and his squirrel

Punchy brought me my Pay It Forward gift. It's a turtle stepping stone! Here is a picture of me wondering what I am supposed to do with a turtle stepping stone. Is it for peeing on? Woman seemed excited about the gift, so I won't ruin her fun by letting her know it's my new toilet.

norman with his pay it forward gift

After RPM and Aunt Sue left, we stayed up with Punchy talking and drinking hot cocoa, and then I got to sleep with her on the futon. Woot! She said I'm the best bed pug ever, and ... I don't bite. LOL! Punchy kept telling Woman and Ian how good I am, but don't worry, it's not true. I always put on the "good Pug act" when people who like Pugs are around and the "bad Pug act" when people who don't like Pugs are around. I figure if you don't like Pugs, then I'm going to give you a reason to not like Pugs. Face.

Punchy left this morning, and I was very sad. Here she is loading up her car.

punchy waves good bye

And driving away.

punchy drives off

Here I am pining for her.

norman sad punchy leaves

I wanted to go home with her, but she said four Pugs is enough. I told her she could ship Rosie down here to Woman in order to even things out, but Woman was not having that. Rosie is apparently a "problem" Pug - LOL! I think we would get along very well.

Here is a video of me talking about my visit with Punchy. I was not happy that she left, so please ignore the expletives if you are easily offended, well, and if you speak Pug.

Woman has more photos on flickr if you want to check them out. She didn't take a whole lot of photos, because everyone had their camera. I'm sure she'll get everyone else's photos eventually. Maybe I'll make some more posts later this week about Woman's trip. She has bored me with every little detail all day, so I can probably blog for months about this 3-day event ... but I won't.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Buddy Leaves Tonight ... But So Does Woman ...

Today is a bittersweet day. It marks the end of me having to share my treats with Buddy, but it is also the day Woman leaves for the Blogger Meet-Up. I guess I can deal with missing Woman for a couple days if it means getting rid of Buddy. I mean seriously - does he have to have a treat every time I get one? What is he - a copy cat? Geesh!

I did get some revenge on Buddy though. Check me out stealing the Hootie from him. It's not really stealing though, since it is MY Hootie. Share Buddy! Share! Do you hear that aggressive growl of his? Whatever dude. We both know who the top dog is in this house!

I am excited to meet Aunt Sue and Sandy and maybe even Punchy! Woman is going to the blogger meet-up and bringing some friends back with her. Hooray! I hear Sandy even has a present for me. Woot! I LOVE presents!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Buddy is Starting to Worry Me

I know I said before that Buddy was starting to worry me, but now I am really on edge. This morning after Buddy heard the news that Nate would not be picking him up until Friday, Buddy started carrying around my Hootie, shaking it violently and saying, "This is you Little Rabbit." I think he is growing aggressive. If you don't believe me, here is some evidence.

(No Hooties were harmed in the making of this video.)

I forgot to show you our new Autumn tablecloth. I'm sure you are shivering with excitement to see it, so here it is.

autumn tablecloth

Woman has finished the final Pay it Forward gift and will be mailing it tomorrow. Roy and Gwen's mom - be on the watch for a package from Asheville!

The Frame Up

I took some advice left on my previous blog entry, and tried to frame Buddy for peeing on the floor. Woman wasn't buying it though. First, she said if it was Buddy's pee, there would be a whole lot more of it. Second, she pointed out that the pee was left where I usually pee when I'm being a bratt, so why would Buddy pee there? I tried to point out to her that Buddy was trying to frame me, but she wasn't buying that either. She knows that Buddy is not the brains of this operation... I guess I'm too smart for my own good. Blast!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Nervous

Buddy keeps referring to me as "That Little Rabbit." I am starting to get nervous about the ideas he is forming in that thick skull of his ... I'm also afraid he isn't going to want to leave our house when Nate comes home on Thursday. Woman gives Buddy treats after going potty, and he really really likes getting the treat. Nate does not give Buddy treats. Woman lets Buddy sleep with us in the bedroom, but Nate does not. Buddy gets to lounge around the house all day long with human companionship, but Nate puts him outside while he goes to work. Woman sings Buddy songs about how great a dog is. I doubt Nate does this, but if he does, I hope to catch it on camera one day. I'm afraid Buddy might be thinking of rising up and overturning the current ruler of this household (me, the little rabbit), in order to stay here permanently. I hope he knows Woman rarely takes me hiking, whereas Nate takes him hiking just about every weekend. I'll keep that card up my sleeve in case I need it.

Fall Decorations

Woman doesn't decorate all that much for Halloween, but she does put out some "Fall" decorations. I'm not sure of the difference there. I guess the Fall decorations last through Thanksgiving, whereas the Halloween decorations really have to be taken down before Thanksgiving or your house takes on a sort of trailer trash look.

This is Woman's favorite decoration. She saw this candelabra at Pier 1 last year and thought it would look so cute with little pumpkins stacked on it, so she bought it and stacked little pumpkins on it. I'm sure Larry, the fabulous decorator / sales guy at Pier 1 would not have been all that thrilled to learn of its use! LOL! At Christmas, Woman puts big glass ornaments on the candelabra, and for the rest of the year she stacks those grapevine ball-things and candles on it. See - those decorative balls do have a purpose in life!

fall pumpkin candelabra

This is the new Autumn wreath. Woman has this wreath and the Christmas wreath, but she left the Christmas wreath up all year this year because she could not find a summer or spring wreath that she liked. Also, the Christmas wreath wasn't really "christmasy," so it's not like it looked weird or anything. So says Woman.

autumn wreath

Woman put some pumpkins and mums on the front steps too. You can't really see them all that well in this photo, but trust me - they're there. The pumpkins are orange, and the mums are yellow.

front yard 10_12

She also put together some Fall hanging baskets. I guess they're Fallish, because they are not pastel. I don't know flowers.

autumn hanging basket

This one is definitely Fallish, because there is a mum in the center, and nothing says Fall like a mum stuffed in a pot.

autumn basket

And just for RPM, here is a picture of Nate. See - he and Buddy look nothing alike. Nate wears a hat! Buddy wears no hat!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buddy is Baa-aack!

We are watching Buddy again while Nate is away for work. Nate gets a little freaked out when he sees his name on my blog, so I won't tell you all that he is doing some work on the Parkway, lest he get even more freaked out.

So here are Buddy and I lounging around the house, waiting to be hand-fed grapes and treats and such. How do non-Pugs deal with those giant faces of theirs? I mean seriously - enough with the snout already!

norman and buddy lounging

Buddy tries to steal my Hootie, but I'm not having it. Check him out in this picture trying to convince Hootie to come over to the dark side. He's black, I'm fawn - the dark side, get it?

norman and buddy lounging

You're probably wondering why I am wearing a collar that is too big for me. Well, it's Buddy's collar. Woman thought it would be funny to put it on me. What do you think? Funny?

norman wearing buddy's collar

The first thing Buddy did when he came to our house on Sunday was start gnawing on my rawhides. Sure, I haven't paid any attention to the rawhides in like six months, but I'm saving them for a special occasion! I'm not saving them for Buddy to hog down on! Woman took them away from him, because she was afraid he would upchuck them in the night. Last night, he totally hurled at 3am. LOL! No more rawhide for Buddy, and Woman got what she deserved by having to get up at 3am and clean up dog barf. She'll think twice before letting Buddy chow down on my rawhides next time!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Woman's Biggest Secret

In an effort to jump-start membership into the PALBWAATHROCBWDTPTHHWPQ, I am going to divulge a secret about my Woman and invite other members to do the same. What fun! I am telling on my Woman!

This is Woman's biggest and most embarrassing secret. Feel free to laugh at her as much as you want. Here it comes ... she LOVES the soap opera Passions. We don't have cable any more though, so she reads the daily recap every single day! She claims that she was raised on soap operas like "Days of Our Lives," "Santa Barbara" and "As the World Turns," so it's just in her blood to love soaps. I think she's just got a little too much of that white trash blood in her veins though. LOL! I bet she would watch talk shows if we had cable!

Don't forget to check out the revised


Thank you all for the feedback regarding policy formulation. For Pugs seeking membership, please see Winston's blog for details, as he is in charge of recruiting.

Existing rules, revised - edits are highlighted in purple for your convenience, because I am in a purple mood today.

1 - No member may allow more than 3 working days to elapse without a blog entry, except as specified by rules #6 and #7. (Note that Saturday and Sunday are excluded from this requirement as we Pugs are not required to entertain most humans on these days.) Special preference is given to those members who post daily, with extra special favor (in the form of very sloppy wet kisses) being lavished upon those members who post multiple times in one day.

2 - If 3 working days elapse with no blog entry, membership will be considered for revocation and the member in peril will get the butt end of the Pug instead of the face end. If the member in peril posts an exceedingly apologetic entry complete with a picture of his or her backside entitled, "I am a Butt for not Posting More Often" within 2 days of notice of possible membership revocation, the revocation process will be terminated.

3 - Membership is revoked based on a majority vote of existing members in good standing. The vote will remain open for a period of 24 hours, at which time the vote will close and the outcome will be announced. Any members who do not cast their vote will receive a nasty pee-mail and one demerit.

4 - Once membership has been revoked, a member may re-apply for membership at any time, but is required to undergo hazing by the existing members in good standing while their application is under review. During the hazing, existing members in good standing may each make 1 "truth or dare" request to the member-in-waiting over the period of 1 week. If the member-in-waiting denies any request or does not respond to the request within 3 days, membership will be denied.

5 - If membership is granted to a previously revoked member, the member will start their membership with a lower rank than previously held and must post one humiliating photo of themselves on their blog, preferably involving a costume of some sort.

6 - Members are permitted as many vacations per year as their budget will allow. While on vacation, the member is not required to post on his or her blog for the duration of the vacation. Before departing for vacation, the member must make a farewell post, documenting the number of days the vacation will last and when he or she will resume blogging. Once back from vacation, an adequate posting of pictures is required.

7 - During the event of an illness, family/friend emergency or other impending act of God, the blogger is excused from blogging for the extent of the incident. Acts of God include but are not limited to; lack of Internet access, lack of computer or any other unforeseeable and tragic event that leads to the blogger's inability to physically or mentally access his or her blog. Once blogging resumes, the member is not required to explain the details of the event if he or she does not care to, but may instead cite the reason for their absence as "Taking the 7th," much like humans, "Take the 5th" when they don't care to discuss something.

Friday, October 12, 2007


As the newly elected Chairman of the Central Directorate of PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ (Pugs Against Lazy Bloggers Who Adversely Affect The Honorable Reputation Of Dedicated Canine Bloggers Who Do Their Part To Help Humans' Workdays Pass Quickly), it is my duty to formulate policies and procedures for the smooth running of the group. This is not a dictatorship, but as members, what I say goes. That might sound like a dictatorship to you, but I assure you it is not. See - whatever I say goes, and since I say this is not a dictatorship, then it is not. Members are free to propose potential policies to me at any time for inclusion in the official PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ handbook.

Here are the first 5 policies for membership into the PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ Group.

1 - No member may allow more than 3 working days to elapse without a blog entry. (Note that Saturday and Sunday are excluded from this requirement as we Pugs are not required to entertain most humans on these days.) Special preference is given to those members who post daily, with extra special favor (
in the form of very sloppy wet kisses) being lavished upon those members who post multiple times in one day.

2 - If 3 working days elapse with no blog entry, membership will be considered for revocation and the member in peril will get the butt end of the Pug instead of the face end. If the member in peril posts an exceedingly apologetic entry complete with pictures within 2 days of notice of possible membership revocation, the revocation process will be terminated.

3 - Membership is revoked based on a majority vote of existing members in good standing. The vote will remain open for a period of 24 hours, at which time the vote will close and the outcome will be announced. Any members who do not cast their vote will receive a nasty pee-mail and one demerit.

4 - Once membership has been revoked, a member may re-apply for membership at any time, but is required to undergo hazing by the existing members in good standing while their application is under review. During the hazing, existing members in good standing may each make 1 "truth or dare" request to the member-in-waiting over the period of 1 week. If the member-in-waiting denies any request or does not respond to the request within 3 days, membership will be denied.

5 - If membership is granted to a previously revoked member, the member will start their membership with a lower rank than previously held and must post one humiliating photo of themselves on their blog, preferably involving a costume of some sort.

Our current member roster includes:

Goodboy Norman Featherstone, Chairman
Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth, Political Commissar to PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ
Oscar, Director of the Uniform Division of the Secret Police
Napolean, Director of Covert Operations
Maggie, Lead Undercover Seductress
Giggs, Head of the Demolition and Interrogation Department
Clover, Head of the Intelligence Division
Herbie, Special Agent in Charge of Stalking Suspicious Non-Pug Entities
Sequoia, Head of the Border Police Division in Alaska
Rollo, Leader of the Cannon-Fodder Brigade
Parker, Director in Charge of the Cannon-Fodder Brigade

Please direct any membership requests to Winston.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dogster Photo Contest

Dogster is having a photo contest, and I entered! Well, Woman entered me, but I am entered in the content nonetheless. Go vote for me! Please vote for me I mean. Woman told me I need to work on my manners. You should all enter photos of your pugs / pets too! Dogster compresses the photos using some weird program that makes them look like c-r-a-p, but there are prizes involved. I love me some prizes!!

Sugar High

I totally snarfed some strawberry-flavored sugar today. Oh, it was so yummy! Ian was reaching into the pantry for the strawberry milk mix, and the top fell off! Sugar flew everywhere! Woman tried to distract me with a goodboy bone while Ian cleaned it up, but the pink granules she later found on my beard were evidence enough for her to know that I was on a sugar high! I better go sleep this off now. Blog y'all later!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the Mail

Good news everypuggy! Woman mailed LMizzle and Christine's presents today. Oh the excitement! Apparently, it takes 10 days to get something to Canadaland, so please be patient :)

Woman will be starting the last of the gifts soon. She needs to get something from the store before she can start. Oh the mystery!

The Big Bed

I have been sleeping in the big bed for the last 4 nights, because Ian has been out of town in San Diego. All the fun ended last night though when Woman left at 10:30pm to pick him up at the airport. Yes, I should be distraught about this, because it has been my lifelong dream to get into the big bed, but actually, I'm glad to be back in my own bed. Woman is a tosser and turner in the bed! She woke me up like 10 times to "move" me out of the way, or to roll over. I couldn't get any sleep at all with her rolling around like some sort of steamroller. I'll steamroll you, eh! So anyway, I'm back on the floor, and Ian is back home. Everything is as it should be.

I will miss laying on top of Woman while she reads in bed though. Those were some good times. Woman is really scared of being home alone at night, so I laid on top of her to protect her. Actually, I was scared too, and I wanted to be as close as possible to her so she could protect me, but I'm claiming it was the other way around. I don't want my reputation to get tainted... So don't tell anyone!

Woman has finished two of the pay it forward gifts and will really be sending them out this week. She was going to send Christine's last week, but Ian took the digital camera to San Diego. Woman likes to photograph all her projects before giving them away.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Thing's First

Ok People, what is this I hear about a Puggy Blogger Meet-Up? I wasn't invited to no meet-up! I asked Woman about it, and she got all weird and changed the subject. I hope you don't think my Woman is coming to a blogger meet-up without me! I am the blogger!

I wanted to let you know that Ian's Chariot's Retired shirt got printed over at Design by Humans. You should go buy one, because I know you're all cool enough to wear this way cool shirt.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Mister Manager

I had a pretty busy weekend overseeing all the work Woman was doing. First, she had to clean the bathroom, then she had to wash the car. It was hard work making sure she got things done in a timely and efficient manner. I also had to ensure she watered the plants properly, often taking the time to show her the right way to do it. She is a slow learner though, and still insists on using a hose instead of the "old-fashioned" way. That will certainly go against her come review time. So tonight I think I will oversee her while she cleans out the refrigerator. It's getting pretty cramped in there, and I'm sure there are things she could toss out. My work is never done around here!

Friday, October 05, 2007

What a Pug Thinks

This is what I really think of Woman's photo shoots.

norman autumn fairy circlet


Woo-hoo! I am the Pug of the Day over at Pug-a-Day! You should totally go vote for me. Submit your own Pug photos while you're there!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tagged by the Devil Dog

Well, I got tagged by The Devil Dog to do a Meme . I cannot resist a tag by such a cool character, so here goes.

Thirteen Things about Woman's Desktop


1 - I am embarrassed to say that Woman has a picture of a Frenchie named Bridget on her desktop. She has never even met this Bridget dog, but found her on dogster. This has been her desktop picture for over three years. I think she might be stalking this dog.

2 - Previous images that have occupied Woman's desktop include a Pug in a pumpkin costume, a Shar Pei in a panda costume, and a cartoon-version of Woman, Ian and Mr. Chris as Southpark characters.

3 - I don't think a picture of me has ever occupied her desktop.

4 - I don't think a "real" picture of Ian has ever occupied her desktop either. Now I don't feel so bad.

5 - Woman's desktop is quite cluttered. See all those nasty icons? Yeah - she's a messy person.

6 - Woman likes to add folders to her desktop. About once a month she merges all the new folders into the misc folder in an effort to clean up the desktop. Her misc folder is pretty friggin' full.

7 - The resolution is 1024 x 768. I don't know what this means, but she has heard complaints that the fonts and things are too big on her computer.

8 - Woman does not use an external monitor, but uses her laptop monitor. She likes the resolution. She also likes the keyboard on her laptop as opposed to her loud-clicking external keyboard.

9 - The color scheme is "Windows Standard." I guess she's pretty boring.

10 - The windows and buttons are set to "Windows Classic Style." Woman is a classic I guess.

11 - The color quality is 32-bit. I'm sure you are excited to know that.

12 - The screensaver is set to blank. No fancy lasers or pretty scenery for my Woman!

13 - It takes 60 minutes of inactivity for the screensaver to appear.

Was that enlightening? Did you learn something about Woman?

I tag rpm, Willow Belle and Turbo's Mom, and lmizzle.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fairy Party

Yesterday was Baby Sarah's 2nd birthday, but her party was on Sunday. The theme was "fairies," and everyone was supposed to dress up as their favorite fairy. Of course all the children-things came dressed as fairies, but not a whole lot of the adults did. My People dressed up though, and made their own costumes, because they're cool like that.

Woman was the Autumn Fairy and Ian was the Woodland Fairy.


Here's a better view of Woman's costume. She sewed all those leaves onto her skirt, made the circlet around her head and sewed those flowers onto her top. She also added flowers to her fairy wings, but you can't see them in this picture.

tammy autumn fairy

Here's a better view of Ian's costume. He made those shoulders from the bottoms of his pants that he cut off and real limbs from our tree in the backyard. He was sewing and everything! I was pretty impressed with his sewing skillz.

ian the woodland fairy

Check out Baby Sarah crawling through the tube in her fairy costume. She's so cute!

sarah on her second birthday

This is a good photo of Baby Sarah, even though you can't see her face. It's just a sweet shot of her. No, we don't have any good photos of her face from her party. Why is it that the children-things are always in a sour puss mood at their own birthday parties? I will never understand you humans.

sarah on her second birthday

This is another Kris that we know, although this is not Mr. Chris. Kris dressed as "The Fairy" as his costume. There must be something in the name Chris (regardless of the spelling) that compels men to act like women.

kris the fairy

Kris is actually married with 1 1/2 children ...

kris lynn and paige

If you thought Woman's costume looked pretty on her, wait until you see it on me! I am way prettier than Woman any day of the week! Check me out in the pretty fairy circlet ... I have to wear it as a necklace, because I have a smaller head than Woman.

norman autumn fairy circlet

That's right. I'm the cutenest most. I am secure in my manhood.

norman autumn fairy circlet

Oh yeah, you knew I was going to sport the wings too, didn't you?

norman autumn fairy wings

I just might float away like the wee fairy that I am.

norman autumn fairy wings

Woman and Ian are going to wear their costumes for halloween, because they worked so long on them. I wonder what I will be for halloween this year. Hopefully, the Stinkerbell Fairy, because all I am missing is the bell!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Popcorn Privileges

For whatever reason, one night several months ago, Woman decided she would give me some popcorn. I never get "people" food, but Woman felt popcorn could be the exception since the People eat it so rarely. I was a good boy about getting popcorn on occasion, and I ate my pieces with gentlemanly conduct, often biting each piece in half to savor the flavor and really make it last.

Fast forward a couple months. You see a maniac popcorn demanding devil dog. From the time I hear Ian start the microwave to when the last morsel of popcorn is swallowed, I am barking my head off, whining and being a general greedy Pete. That is when I lost my popcorn privileges.

Woman felt so bad for me when I lost my privileges and explained that I could not earn them back until I behaved again. It took several weeks of me watching Ian eat the popcorn quietly from Woman's lap before he would trust me with popcorn again. Last night, I finally got some tastes! Oh, it was so yummy and worth being good for. Ian even told me I was not "that bad" of a dog and "kind of behaved" when waiting for my popcorn. What joy to have my popcorn privileges back again. I better enjoy it now, because this good behaviour can't last long. I am a bad dog after all!

On another note, Woman wants to let you know that she has Giggs' mom's Pay it Forward gift finished, and she is currently working on lmizzle's. She is making them in the order that people signed up, so Roy and Gwen's mom - yours will be started soon. She thinks she might mail Giggs' mom's gift this week! Everyone is getting a different gift, so if you want to blog about it, you can.

On yet another note, Woman brought me home a gravy dipped rib from the store last night! Oh joy! It is so yummy.