Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Friday, September 28, 2007

Check Me Out!

I am finally hip and with it. I finally have my very own Puppia Harness!


Check me out being so cute. Coverpug!


The harness is ok. It took me some time to get used to. I shook a lot trying to get the silly thing off me, but Woman says it makes me walk better on the leash. She says I tug less, and she doesn't feel as bad tugging on me, because the harness doesn't choke me like a collar.

I like the camelflawge, because no one can see me when I'm out on my walks. All they see is Woman with an empty leash. LOL! I'm a camel! Get out of my way. (Woman insists that I am misspelling that word, but I think she is wrong.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's With Chicago?

Ian was in Chicago last week, and now Woman has to go to Chicago next week. What's with this Chicago place? Is the world so big that all conferences just gather in Chicago to reduce confusion? I am sad that Woman is leaving me. That means I will be home alone with Mr. Ian. He does not sing me songs or scratch my butt ... Pooh.

So, this is what I will be doing all next week ... laying around looking pathetic, pining for Woman to come home ...

norman wants to play

And ... I probably won't get to blog since Woman will be taking her computer with her. Double pooh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ZOMG People!

Check out these pug garden statues. So cool.

Has anyone ever used this on-line pet retailer? Woman just ordered me a Puppia harness from them, and I was wondering if they are any good. Yes, I have finally caved in and caught Puppia fever. We'll see how well it works, because I am a tugger! I'll post pics when it arrives!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Have you all noticed that the titles to all of my posts lately end with '!'? Isn't that weird? I guess I am just excited to be blogging and can't help but to overuse the exclamation point. Why is the exclamation point a point, but the question mark is a mark? Think about it ...

OK, done thinking about it? Well, listen to this tale of injustice that happened to me on Sunday night.

First let me tell you that while Mr. Ian was gone I got to sleep in the bed with Woman. We snuggled, we puggled, it was great. I slept in the bed Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, then Sunday night came along. Woman and I went to bed around 11pm and fell comfortably into our new snuggle routine. I was sleeping right on top of her belly, because she makes a great pillow. I was snoring my little snores and dreaming my little dreams. It was great. Then, around 12:30am, the door opened, and in walked Mr. Ian back from Chicago. I am not allowed to sleep on the bed when Mr. Ian is home, but I had already been in mid-sleep, so it seemed to me that he was going to have to take the couch. First come, first serve, finders-keepers rules, eh? No, not eh. Not eh at all! I got KICKED OUT of the bed! Right there. Kicked out! Ian went to brush his teeth, so I jumped back in the bed, glad to be rid of him again, but Woman put me back in "my" bed on the floor! What an injustice. I should have been able to finish my slumber where I started it. If Ian wanted to sleep in the bed that night, he should have been to bed on time! I call a foul here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Belly Ache!

First let me tell you all that Ian has been gone all weekend in Chicago. Although I did miss him, it was pretty awesome, because I got to sleep in the bed with Woman. Actually, I slept on top of Woman most of the time. She makes a nice cozy body pillow. I couldn't blog about it earlier, because Woman is paranoid about being alone in the house, and she didn't want a serial killer to come and kill her after reading on my blog that she was all alone. I guess she doesn't think I can protect her. P-shaw!

Woman and I spent Friday night at the Gammy's house, and Nate dropped Buddy off there to stay the weekend with us. Nate brought Buddy some food in a plastic grocery bag. I eyed that food pretty good most of the night.

The next morning, Woman and Gammy went to get some free plants from a lady who was thinning out her garden, and then Woman, Buddy and I went home to plant the plants. The plants had been placed in plastic grocery bags. Woman unloaded all the plastic grocery bags onto the back porch and proceeded to plant the new flowers. In her hasty unloading, Woman inadvertantly (that's a word, right?) put Buddy's plastic grocery bag of food on the porch with the other plastic grocery bags of plants. I noticed this immediately and played it cool ... Then, when she was up in the corner of the yard digging, I made my move. SNARF! SNARF! Woman came back down and saw me snarfing and was afraid I had found the garlic bulbs the friend gave her. As she approached me asking, "What are you eating?" I proceeded to SNARF with more fury, because I knew my time was short. She was relieved to see that it was just Buddy's food, but not so relieved to see that I had eaten it all. Yes, all of it - about 4 cups! Buddy is a big boy, and he eats a lot of food. She gave me a scolding, but I didn't care, because I got the food, and it was worth a scolding.

Later that night around supper time, she had forgotten about the snarfing incident and fed me my dinner as usual. She was surprised that I didn't demand my dinner like I do every night and every morning, but she thought little about it. Finally we headed for bed, where I proceeded to toot and toot and toot! My belly grumbled and ached and ached. Woman noticed I was REALLY bloated and remembered that I had eaten all of Buddy's food. I got another scolding and we went to sleep.

At around 5am, I woke Woman with whining and whimpering. I needed to go OUTSIDE! I needed to go NOW! Reluctantly, Woman took me out into the chilly Autumn morning and I did some serious BUSINESS! I felt a lot better, but I was still bloated to the gills. LOL!

I am feeling better today, and I have learned a lesson - only eat half of Buddy's food, and save the other half for later!

Friday, September 14, 2007


I just heard from Woman that we are Buddy-sitting this weekend! Oh, I'm so excited! I'm gonna steal his toys all weekend! Woo-hoo!

In case you forgot who Buddy is, he is my Labrador friend ...

buddy smiling

Dog Park!

I got to go to the dog park this past Sunday, after a very long hiatus. I have not been to the park in a long time, because 1 - it has been really hot, and 2 - before I got neutered in March, I had a sort of obsession with other dogs' dingles and berries, and it really embarrassed the People. I am glad to report that I no long take an unhealthy interest in other dogs' dingles or berries! Woo-hoo! I'm cured of obsessive compulsive dingle syndrome!

Here I am after arriving at the dog park. Our park is mostly dirt, and it gets pretty muddy there when it rains, but thankfully we have been in a serious drought, so there was no mud this day. (BTW - The drought ended last night with a major downpour of rain!)

norman at the dog park

Most of these pictures are just of dog butts, so I hope you like dog butt. That little Chihuahua guy who is sniffing my butt is named Nacho. Nacho is King of the dog park. He gets all up in the other dogs' faces, no matter how big they are, and gives them "what for." I think I saw him giving one dog a little "how to" once also! His owners took him home early, because he was being Bossy Smurf.

dog park september 2007

That husky wasn't neutered, and he went around peeing on all the trees in the park, even if there were people sitting in front of them! He almost peed on Ian once. It was cool.

dog park september 2007

How do I know he wasn't neutered? OK, I took a look for myself... I can't just go dingle sniffing cold turkey! Sorry!

dog park september 2007

This Great Dane was so cool. His name is Marlow. He is so graceful and gentle. I really liked him. I hope he comes back sometime when I am there.

dog park september 2007

I had a great time running and playing with the other dogs and the people. Everyone knew my name, because I get up in peoples' faces and kiss them, and they can read my name tag. It was good times. I guess it was worth losing my berries for.

Side Note - Woman is working on the Pay It Forward gifts. She is 1/2 done with the first one. Yeah, that doesn't sound like far along, but she just started last night. Busted Woman!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pug with No Arms!

I think lmizzle can appreciate this post, because she's crazy like that.

Sometimes I lay like this, and I look like I have no arms. Don't I look pathetic? Please give the armless Pug a treat.

no arms pug

Sometimes I lay in such a way that I look like I have no arms OR legs! That is a really funny look, but Woman has yet to capture it on film.

AND, I would like to say Happy Birthday to Little Miss Zelda!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Norman and Woman

Woman and I had a photo shoot this weekend. I wasn't really feeling it, but I guess I look pretty handsome in the pictures. I think I could have done better had I been properly groomed.

Woman likes this one, because she says I am staring up at her with quiet awe. Actually, I was trying to sneak a kiss from her! The light is nice and soft in the picture.

tammy and norman sept 2007

I don't really like my smile in this one. I don't think Ian counted to three when he took this shot, because I was not ready.

tammy and norman sept 2007

I like this one, because Woman was giving me some good mid-air belly rubs. Sorry about the weiner shot, but I have a weiner, and sometimes it gets in the shot.

tammy and norman sept 2007

Here are Woman and I doing our "blue steel" impression. I think mine is better than Woman's.

tammy and norman are blue steel

And here is our "magnum" pose. Woman could really use to work on her magnum.

tammy and norman are magnum

I guess the photo shoot was fun. It was pretty hot outside, and Woman was complaining about her make-up melting. I don't know what that means.


Check out the Pug-A-Day website dedicated to photos of Pugs. Vote for the cutest pics, submit your own pics, comments on pics! The fun never ends! I personally submitted a nice stash of photos this morning, so look forward to seeing ME on there soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Long Weekend

Woman took yesterday off from work again so we had another nice long weekend. I don't so much care for long weekends, because the People usually leave me to go do "other" things, but this weekend was ok. Friday I got to go for a walk, and then Sunday afternoon I got to go to the dog park and later on in the evening, I went for a walk again! Holy Cow! Sunday was a good day. I don't remember what happened on Saturday, so it must have been lame. On Monday, Woman and I planted some more spinach and lettuce and I took a poop in the garden. Whoah! I seriously got yelled at for that one.

I will post some dog park pictures later when Ian gets them off the camera for me. Woman's USB port doesn't work, so I have to rely on him ...

Oh yeah, and did I tell you all that Ian has a new print over at Threadless? It's for sale now - check it out!

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Bowels of Earth

Did you all know that the Earth is a giant living monster, and if you venture deep below the surface, you will see gross bowels and intestines and guts and stuff? The People went to Linville Caverns a couple weeks ago and brought me back some pictures of the bowels of Earth. I was pretty grossed out, so if you have a weak stomach, you should stop here. I'm glad they left me behind for this trip, because I would not have enjoyed this one.

I don't really know a lot about the Earth's anatomy or the names of her internal organs, but this looks like a gross gooey membrane of some sort. It's probably used to digest Pugs and other cute little animals.

linville caverns

This is the Earth's baleen. She uses it just like whales do - to filter feed on little organisms. Eek!

linville caverns

I think this is part of the Earth's brain. She must have little brains all over the place, because this one certainly can't be big enough to control her entire body.

linville caverns

This is how I know the Earth is a woman. She has lots of fallopian tubes and a giant uterus!

linville caverns

Gross! Earth colon!

linville caverns

Earth acne!

Ilinville caverns

I don't know how the People can smile when they are surrounded by all the grossness of the Earth's organs.

ian and tammy at linville caverns

I hope this was educational for all you people out there and that you learned an important lesson - stay out of caves, lest you be digested by the greedy Earth! She's hungry people! Stay away! Sure, the People escaped unscathed, but they were lucky. You might not be so lucky!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Lazy Bloggers

You know who you are! All you people who haven't posted in a month! You've made my "about to be removed from my side bar because I'm tired of clicking your blog every day to find NO UPDATES" list. What are you people doing? Working? Yeah, right! Get with the blogging you lazy puggers!

The Coast is Clear

The men in orange have finally left. Those guys have quite the easy job let me tell you. For every 20 minutes they work, they take a 40 minute break! That's the life! They even took a 2 hour lunch. I think Woman should start taking breaks that frequently. That would be awesome.

They did end up topping three of our pine trees, but Woman is not *that* mad about it. They could have been much more liberal with their chainsaws and loppers than they were. The trees they topped do look hideous, but the People are hopeful that they will bush out to fill in the weird bareness that is their tops. I don't really care, as long as there is adequate trunk for me to pee on!

I am so glad those people are gone! Woman was a wreck with her annoying worrying and nagging. Ugh!

Men in Orange

Apparently, if you are wearing an orange vest, you can just traipse around peoples' backyards like you own them. You can even cut down their trees all you want! That's the scene in our backyard today, much to our incredible surprise. A big loud truck pulled in at about 8:30am and the men in orange (sent by the power company) started lopping off branches. The Woman is praying for their sake that they don't top any of our trees, because according to her, the trees will look really stupid if they top them. The power lines are pretty low, and to top them, you would really have to cut them in half, so I guess I have to agree with her on that. If they top our trees, I am afraid to be around for the aftermath. Things are tense around here this morning. More later.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What the Heck?

Last night Woman put my collar and leash on me and tied me to the front post of the porch. She then proceeded to stab at the lawn with a claw looking thing for an hour. I just stood there and stared at her wondering to myself, "Self, what the heck?" She said she was letting me stay outside with her in the front yard, but since I couldn't be trusted, I had to be tied up. I guess it was nice of her, but why on earth was she stabbing the lawn? Was it some sort of warning to me? Am I her next victim? I'll keep you posted ...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Welcome Back!

Hey everyone! Welcome back from the Labor Day weekend (that is if you had yesterday off). The People took me for some walks during Labor Day, and I got to go to the Gammy's, but other than that, I just laid around the house all weekend. The People went some places, but I was so mad that I didn't get to go that I didn't even ask where they had been. Stupid people! I'm still snubbing Woman a little bit, but I'm sure I will be back to normal tomorrow. Well ... maybe.