Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm 8!

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 8 today! Can you believe it?

This has not been the best birthday though. Woman had to get up at 6:30am to talk on the phone for FOUR hours, and now it's raining, so I don't get to have lunch downtown. I don't think Mother Nature knows it's my birthday, or she would not be misbehaving like this.

I DID get a present from Winston and Sela though! Woman is too busy to upload pictures, but I'll show you the presents later! Thanks!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Spring in My Step!

Friday was the first day of Spring, and it has been getting warmer during the day! On Sunday, the People took me for a walk. They mostly did this because Woman read that Frenchies want to go for a walk at least once a day, so she figured I wasn't getting enough exercise. Also, my Vet Lyn told her that I'm fat. Me? Fat? Say it ain't so! Are you wondering why Woman is reading up on Frenchies? Me too. We're only allowed to have one dog in our house at a time ... According to Ian at least!

So we went for a walk. It was 71 degrees, and I am a bit out of shape. I tried to get Ian to carry me, but he wasn't having it. He even called me "Fatty!" How rude.

We stopped to visit Pugsley and Junebug on our walk.

norman, pugsley and junebug

Pugsley is bigger than me. I wonder if Lyn thinks HE is fat.


Junebug, on the other hand, is a teeny tiny little girl. She reminds me a lot of Clover, because she's so petite.

junebug of the wild

She likes to kiss my face, but I'm not down with it.

norman and junebug

So we visited with those Pugs for a while and finally went home where I rested for a good long time. Ian and Woman sat on the front steps and listened to the birds, and I just sat in the doorway panting and dozing. Walks are tough on a Pug! I certainly wouldn't want to have one EVERY day. Wow. Frenchies are hardcore.

tired norman after his walk

Eventually I regained some energy and prowled around out front barking at the neighbors and birds.

norman in the front yard

And I got some pettings. Do you like my fangs? I had my bottom toofies removed, and now I look like a vampire!

tired norman face

FACT: My birthday is on Friday! Woo-hoo!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Does anyone watch this show?

We recently got a new TV (It's a big boy, like me!), and with the assistance of some very gaudy rabbit ears, we are able to pick up ABC and sometimes even PBS - gotta love that Clifford. Woman is happy to have ABC, because now we can watch LOST at home, but she wishes we got Fox and NBC, because she loves The Simpsons and 30 Rock (must see).

So anyway, Dancing with the Stars is on ABC. The People saw an ad for it one night and mocked it, wondering who would care to see B or even C "celebrities" trying to dance. Who cares, right? Well, when Ian was gone, Woman indulged her secret interest in this show and found that she really likes it. That Lil' Kim can get down, and not just like a skeeza, but she's got class that no one ever could have imagined! She also likes Steve Wozniak because he's a computer nerd like her, and she feels kind of sorry for how bad he is at dancing. Poor Belinda Carlisle being the first to go - that's just embarrassing.

She does NOT like Holly Madison or Denise Richards. She is just grossed out that Holly Madison was one of three live-in girlfriends of the eldery Hugh Hefner - that's absolutely disgusting. She was hoping she'd get voted off first. Talk about skeeza. Lil' Kim is a princess compared to that icky woman. Woman doesn't know why she doesn't like Denise Richards, she just never has. Maybe it's because she had a little girl crush on Charlie Sheen, or maybe it's that fake smile that says, "Help, I don't know who I am. Should I even be here?" She just seems to lack the "it" to make a celebrity a real celebrity.

So we're rooting for Lil' Kim, but we would also be happy if Melissa Rycroft, Shawn Johnson, or Gilles Marini (who I was shocked to learn is straight - I guess the French can get away with more than other people as far as sexuality is concerned) won, although we're kind of sick of hearing about Melissa Rycroft being dumped on the Bachelor. Anyone who would put themselves on the chopping block to be on the Bachelor rather deserves humiliation and heartache. I mean seriously - it's just silly. And yes, we have seen an episode of it - LOL!

We just feel sorry for Ty Murray, Steve-O and Steve Wozniak. They are really heavy on their feet. Poor little buggers.

So we probably won't get to see Dancing with the Stars again since Ian will be home for the next episode. I guess we'll have to keep up with it on the Internets. Trusty old Internets!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Cincinnati!

Woman was teaching Body Pump on Saturday when one of the participants came up to her before class and told her a little story about a recent experience she had. She was taking a walk through her neighborhood when one of her neighbors leaned out the window and asked her the names of the Body Pump instructors at her gym. The lady probably didn't know all the names off hand, so she asked why the neighbor wanted to know. Her neighbor then asked her if there was an instructor with long reddish hair, and she said yes and that her name is Tammy. (Which BTW is a lie - her name is Woman. I guess Woman goes by "Tammy" at the gym, sort of like a stage name.) Her neighbor then informed her that the reason she was asking is that she has a guest staying with her from Cincinnati who reads Woman's Pug blog! Isn't that just hilarious?

It's amazing what a small world this is.

On a similar note, Uncle Michael, who lives in Gainesville, FL, works with a lady who loves Pugs and occasionally calls him into her office to share a cute Pug-related website or photo. One day this lady called Uncle Michael into her office and showed him MY website telling him how funny and cute it was. When Uncle Michael told the woman that I was his nephew, the lady didn't believe him, but it's true!

So, hello Cincinnati! Woman says your city is in Kentucky, but I think it's really in Ohio, no matter where the airport is located.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Which of these Mardi Gras revelers knows all the words to Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 hit "Baby Got Back"?

the ladies strike a pose

Page, Tammy, Kari, Lyn or Lauren?

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

You may be surprised to find that it is the "usually quite reserved" blogger, Page, who knows all the words to this song!

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Go Page!

You're probably wondering how I know this. Well, let's just say that for some reason the ladies broke out into an a cappella version of the song at one point during the Mardi Gras murder mystery party. There was some serious booty shaking going on that night.

the ladies getting down


Monday, March 09, 2009

One Week Ago Today

This is what my backyard looked like last week at this time.

snow in march

I don't like snow.

snow in march

This is the temperature today.

80 degrees in march

I hope our Winter is finally over!

norman sunbathing

The People are getting better from their sickness. Woman thinks Ian had strep throat, since he still has a sore throat and one of his tonsils is still swollen. He hates the doctor though. Silly Ian.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The People are sick. Send cough medicine please. Something that works better than NyQuil and doesn't taste like Zicam. Quick!