Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Friday, February 26, 2010

More than One Way to Skin a Muppet

You probably didn't know that Pugs are hunters, but we can become quite aggressive when provoked by annoying creatures that refer to themselves in the third person. Check me out clothed in the pelt of my prey.

norman skinned a muppet

I've never liked muppets, especially that smug Elmo. Seriously - who refers to themselves in the third person? You can see now why I had to take him out ... and wear him.

Norman happy! Norman likes Elmo's fur! Norman sleep now...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Warm Weather!

We finally had some warm weather this weekend. I got to take a walk and help brew beer out on the back deck. It was good times indeed! Buddy and I are on our way to becoming master brewers! I guess Nate and Ian helped a little bit though.

In other news, Ian has started up a t-shirt giveaway every Tuesday! If you'd like to win something, click here to check out the details.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Riding in Cars with Pugs

Here's a picture of me on my way to Mobile.


I look pretty comfy I'm sure, but what you can't see is that I am actually locked into the seatbelt by my leash and have like 12 inches of mobility! I'm not complaining too much though, since I used to have to ride in a crate, and that was a real bummer. Still, I would like to see out the window, but Ian doesn't want me getting my "gross" nose prints all over the windows.

Here I am on the way home - noticeably more tired.


Funny story - when the people stopped in Auburn on the ride home, they realized I wasn't actually locked into my seatbelt. I didn't know this either though, so I didn't try to move outside my usual range. I guess old Pugs can learn new tricks. Or maybe not - did I learn that I can't move or did I not learn that I could move? I'm not sure. Maybe both.

Ian has some new stuff in his store, including LOST pint glasses and an assortment of postcards, which are pretty much awesome. They're selling really fast! In case you're wondering, he's sold over 200 of his t-shirts! There have been many a late night packing up t-shirts in our house! FYI, we are not getting rich from all these sales - the t-shirt business has a low profit margin. LOL!

He also has a design up for voting at Design by Humans. If you have a minute or two, please send a vote his way!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So It's Come to This

The weather is cold - cold - cold, and I feel like doing a little complaining, so here is my list.

1 - I am going to have to enable the verification mechanism on my blog for comments because some chauch bags keep spamming me. Do they really think this is an effective advertising method?

2 - Woman held a baby for TOO LONG while we were in Mobile. I was threatened. Look at that kid smirking at me.

princess leia and her baby

3 - Woman has to go to Dallas next month for work, and I do not get to go. She'll probably be gone for a really long time since Dallas is in Prussia or something. I have never been good with geometry though, so I could be mistaken.

I guess the list isn't that long. Maybe things aren't as bad as I thought. At least that baby got left in Mobile. Face baby. Face.

Monday, February 15, 2010

La Casa de los Rubles

Hello everyone! I am back from my vacation at the all-inclusive and highly exclusive resort "La Casa de los Rubles" in lovely Mobile, Alabama. The weather was cooler than normal for Mobile, which is good for me, and the amenities were lush! This was one of those vacations, however, that requires a vacation to recover from the vacation as you will learn from this vacation summary!

Upon check-in, I was given my own private concierge, Elena, at no extra cost. Here she is attending to my demanding butt rubbing needs.


Elena also helped me dress for dinner and kept me entertained throughout most of my stay.


Although the prices were fair, I do not recommend the spa. As you can see here, the attendants were pretty aggressive with their treatments, chasing me down and manually extracting me from my cozy deck chair.


The end result was good though, I guess. My coat was nice and shiny, and the back scratching that came along with the thorough grooming was satisfying.


The walk to the lavatory was a little longer than I prefer. Look how steep that staircase is! Next time I'll request a poolside room that does not require hiking gear to reach the potty.


One cool perk at the hotel was the creation of this little miniature likeness of me. Don't we both look enthused?


On the final night of my stay, the humans put on a great show for me. Woman and Ian dressed up as Princess Leia and Han Solo. Elena dressed as Boba Fett, and the Ruble parents were Indiana Jones and Marianne. Pretty cool, eh??



I wore my party attire.


Now you can see why I'm so tired today. I think I'll sleep until next Tuesday!

Friday, February 05, 2010


We are escargot'ing to Mobile! It's Elena's birthday this week, and we can't miss it. Woman has packed up all my costumes for some reason. I'm a little apprehensive, but I'm sure it will be fun. I will post photos as long as they aren't too humiliating.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Snowed In ... Again!

The snow started in on us around 2:30pm Friday afternoon. Within 2 hours, we were under 12 inches! It snowed more throughout the night, and we awoke to a "Winter Wonderland" on Saturday morning. Well, some people may have awoke to a winter wonderland, but none of those people live in our house. We awoke to groaning and moaning about having to shovel the driveway and talk of being stuck in the house for the next 3 days.

Here I am surveying my Snowy Kingdom.

norman in the snow

I'm getting used to this "snow" stuff. Watch as I venture out into the unknown.

norman in the snow

Alright, play time is over. Back to work on the couch!

norman working on the couch

The temperature is supposed to reach the 40's today. Woman is hoping it will melt the remainder of the snow from the road so she can make it to the gym to teach tonight. The People spent 2 hours digging out the cul-de-sac yesterday, but the roads were still too icy for either of our lame sauce cars to drive on. We need to get a manly car.