Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I got to spend a good amount of time with Winston and Sela over the past couple days. Our guests arrived on Saturday and left on Wednesday morning, but since Page and Rob stayed at the Biltmore Inn on Monday, Winston and Sela were alone with me. All. Day. I learned a lot about those two pugs during that time, some if which I will share with you.

Fact: Winston looks like an Ape.

winston looks like a monkey man

Fact: Winston is an accomplished lounger.

winston and sela take a break

Fact: Winston cleans up pretty nicely.

winston partying down

Fact: Winston loves to perch on the arm of the couch.

winston and sela staring out the window

Fact: Winston has strange taste in humans.

ian and winston

Fact: Winston likes to bark at any and all noises and/or movements coming from outside the house.

three pug butts

Some other facts about Winston that lack photographic evidence:
  • He is a humper. He grabbed onto Woman's arm and wouldn't let go. LOL!
  • He likes dirty underpants.
  • He is good at finding dirty underpants - great detective work, dude.
  • He knows I am alpha and doesn't care to challenge me.
  • He is really serious about food time.
  • He will steal food from the peoples' plates if they look away.
  • He sometimes scoots on the rug.
  • He will hold things hostage when he doesn't get what he wants. For example, he grabbed the peoples' new rug and held it in his mouth, threatening to chew on it, because he wanted fed. He is serious about food time.
  • He knows Woman is mine and won't go near her, even when she calls him. Well, except for that time he humped her, but I didn't mind.
  • He isn't too keen on other dogs, which is cool with me.
Winston is a cool dude. When the miniature human is born, I expect to receive a fed-ex package from Panama City. Contents - one male pug with a humping disorder.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pour Some Sugar on Me

I know a lot of you have babies, and of course you think YOUR baby is the cutest in the world, but try to set those feelings aside for a moment and take a look at this little bundle of adorableness that is Claire. Is she not a little muffin of cuteness? Wouldn't you just eat her up in one bite? I would. Her Mom won't let me though.

sweet baby claire

Her Mom kinda likes her. See here how she's serenading her with a song. How sweet of her. Woman serenades me all the time.

lyn serenading claire

Claire wasn't all that excited by her Mom's singing though, so I told her how to unplug the game system. I'm a stinker like that.

norman and claire perpretrate

She never quite figured it out though.

claire wants mom to stop singing

I thought Claire and I would make the perfect duo. She's got the opposable thumbs and I've got the brilliant evil schemes. Oh well. I guess babies aren't quite up for evil. Maybe when she's three.

norman tires of claire

People seem to really like karaoke. Except maybe Page. Well, and Sela, but she's not technically people.

the group playing some karaoke

As a side note, the People do not have "Pour Some Sugar on Me" in their karaoke arsenal, but after this post, they're going to have to get it. Oh yeah. I'm hot - sticky sweet ... Like baby Claire.

Queen of the Puggies

Woman is Queen of the Puggies. I am her Prince, of course.

tammy is queen of the pugs

Winston and Sela are nothing more than court jesters. Silly little things ...

My Own Pug

This was the state of affairs at our house most of the day on Monday. I am definitely my own Pug.


More to come later ...

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Not Gonna Share

We have quite a few house guests arriving this weekend. Jazzy is coming tonight to stay with us for a couple days, and then Winston and Sela will be here tomorrow to stay through Wednesday. That's all fine and dandy, but I want everyone, especially Woman, to know that I'm not gonna share nothin' with them. They can stay here, and sit on my couch, but TOYS, FOOD, TREATS and most of all ICE CREAM is off limits to them all. Off Limits!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Survivor: Camp ChiChi - Final Day

It was the final day of Survivor: Camp ChiChi, and one camper would be forced to leave the camp. There was one final challenge remaining, and a surprise immunity award to be presented later in the day. Alfred and Holly both had one immunity point, and the remaining three campers were growing anxious.

Counselor Sandy announced the final challenge - a snore off! The camper with the loudest snore would win the final immunity point. This posed a challenge for the campers - would they be able to fall asleep to actually get a good snore going? It was pretty early in the day, and they had just awoke from nap #3!

Luckily, the challenge didn't prove all that difficult. Holly drifted off first, followed by Sugar and Emma. Alfred played a round of "chew the butt" and wore himself out, finally dozing into dreamland. After much tossing and turning and licking his paws, Norman joined the four.

The Counselors then took to measuring the snore ratios. Holly put on an impressive show, but nothing compared to Sugar. Then Emma joined in! Emma's snores were so loud that Alfred and Norman couldn't even be heard over her rumbling of air in and out. Emma was clearly the winner.

The Counselors waited for the Pugs to awaken and delivered the good news to Emma.

Sugar and Norman were the only two Pugs up for elimination from the Camp. The "surprise" immunity point might make all the difference to one of these Pugs.

Norman needed a drink to take the edge off.

norman having a drink

The Campers waited around all day to find out about this surprise immunity award, when finally there was a knock on the door. Perhaps it was the mailman delivering the immunity award. The Pugs erupted into a frenzy, spinning this way and that, barking up into the sky declaring their excitement! Counselor Sandy opened the door to find Norman's People on the other side.

Norman exploded with joy, knowing for sure that his Woman would award him the immunity point. Sugar warned Norman not to be so sure of himself, and that his Woman may be here to take him back home to the mountains.

The Pugs suffered through dinner while the People enjoyed something that smelled quite tasty indeed. Finally, after a long lasting conversation of this or that (who knows what people talk about anyway), Woman made her immunity selection ...

It was Sugar!

tammy and sugar

Sugar was correct in her thinking - Norman's Woman DID want to take him back the mountains. Interestingly enough, Mr. Ian's plan was to give Norman immunity so he could live with the Counselors forever, but Woman vetoed that ruling!

The Counselors kissed Norman goodbye.

sandy and ed love norman

He said his farewells to the other Campers and headed back home toward the mountains.

pensacola bay

Although he would miss the Campers and the Counselors, he was very happy to see his People again, and looked forward to peeing in his own backyard.

norman wants to see out the window

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentimes!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Survivor: Camp ChiChi post to bring you this important message.

Happy Valentimes!

norman loves his kitty

Cupid Norman hopes you have a very special day today, full of Valentimes and whatnot.

norman posing in valentines wings

Cupid Norman isn't sure what Valentime's is for, but he hopes it involves ice cream.

valentine pug

Cupid Tammy started her Valentimes off right, teaching Body Pump in costume with her friend Kaye.

kaye and tammy body pumpers

I hope everyone had a great day :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Survivor: Camp ChiChi - Day 3

Just as the sun rose on day 3 at Camp ChiChi, the contestants faced their second challenge - "The Call of the Wild." The rules were simple - the last Pug to leave his/her calling card in the yard without another Pug covering it up wins.

The campers were released into the vast wilderness of Camp ChiChi to begin the game ...

Emma made the first move, hoping to go unnoticed.

emma and norman

Sugar quickly caught wind of her actions and canceled out her call.

sugar doing her business

While the other campers were occupied with Emma and Sugar, Alfred made a sneak attack on the side of a tree.

alfred marking a tree

But Norman was on his guard and took back the game.

norman making sure alfred marked the tree well enough

The Pugs continued to volley control back and forth until finally they were out of fuel. It seemed that Challenge #2 was a draw.

it's business time for the pugs

At that point, Holly, who had been sitting idly by enjoying the show, trotted up to a camellia shrub and made a deposit. The other four campers declared her the victor and rushed indoors to take a nap. Peeing that much can really wear a Pug out!

At the end of day 3, Alfred and Holly both had one immunity point, and the remaining three Pugs had zero points. There would be one more challenge issued before the first vote - tune in next time to find out which Pug earned the final immunity point on Survivor: Camp ChiChi.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Survivor: Camp ChiChi - Day 2

The sun rose early on the campers on day 2. Norman had a plan, and he knew he had to put it into action quickly. A challenge was planned for the following day, and he needed to make some deals to secure his place at camp in case the challenge didn't go well.

norman at camp chichi's

He decided to start with Alfred, offering him a tug on his Hootie. Alfred was overjoyed to play with Hootie. There are only a dozen other toys at Camp ChiChi, so some fresh fur is always welcome. Once Norman knew he was in Alfred's good favor, he made his move. Norman explained to Alfred that he has to take a special medicine that can be ingested only with ice cream. He told Alfred he could get him some ice cream too if he would agree to join forces with him. Alfred didn't know what ice cream was, so Norman had to describe the sweet, creamy flavor to him. Alfred was sold at the word, "sweet" and agreed to the alliance. Alfred couldn't wait until that evening when he would slurp down some of this "ice cream." He really hoped it tasted like chicken.

Norman moved on next to Holly who had difficulty understanding Norman's offer since her hearing isn't all that sharp these days, but Norman eventually got through to her. Holly was in his back pocket. She day dreamed about that ice cream treat all day, and hoped it tasted like marshmallows.

Emma didn't require much convincing to join forces with Norman. She had tasted ice cream in the past, and she wanted more! She was a little hesitant to trust him though, wondering secretly to herself if this ice cream snack would really happen, but if it did, she hoped it was Rocky Road.

Sugar was the final obstacle. She had already declined Norman's previous offer, but this time he was bearing gifts. If her name was any indicator of her weakness, Norman knew he could win her over.

Norman found Sugar where she usually was relaxing - encircled by all the camp's toys. Sugar loved her some toys. When Norman made his proposition, it intrigued her, but she continued to hold out, insisting that she is a lone Pug. Norman continued to plead his case, explaining how creamy and cold ice cream tasted. Sugar finally caved in, but added the caveat that Norman could not touch her toys under any circumstance. Norman agreed since he had his Hootie, and that was the only toy he needed. Sugar questioned whether she made the right decision, but if ice cream tasted half as good as her favorite toy, it would be worth the sacrifice.

sugar loves her toys

Night finally fell, and with it came Norman's medication time. The Pugs eagerly gathered around the kitchen table and watched in amazement as Counselor Sandy dished up ice cream in 5 little bowls, one for each of the Pugs. As they scarfed down their treats, the Pugs reflected on Norman's impressive negotiating skills and wondered how he convinced Counselor Sandy to give them all ice cream. Counselor Ed looked on, wondering the same thing. He was also confused as to why he did not get some ice cream too. Perhaps Counselor Ed would consider forming an alliance with Norman. Is such a thing even legal?

Although the ice cream didn't taste like anything the Pugs had hoped, they were satisfied with their treats and hoped tomorrow would bring even more. Norman had a lot of wheeling and dealing to do if he was going to stay in the campers' graces!

Tune in tomorrow for the second challenge and see if Norman's alliance paid off ...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Survivor: Camp ChiChi - Day 1

As dusk grew nearer, Norman arrived at Camp ChiChi. He was greeted by the other Campers and Counselors Sandy and Ed with great delight, but no sooner did he get settled in than the first challenge was issued to the group! A campfire song!

The group chose "California Dreamin' " by the Mamas and the Papas, since their group seemed similar to that of the original Mamas and Papas composition. And really, if the Beach Boys could cover it, so could the Campers! Norman felt he had an advantage over the other competitors since he had heard his People sing this song while playing karaoke recently. Led by Counselor Sandy, the Pugs began their song ...

sandy directs the pugs

It was quickly revealed that Sugar and Emma had no talent when it came to harmonizing, and they were promptly sent to the rug of shame.

emma and sugar

It wasn't long before the popular 60's song got the better of Holly too, and she joined the ladies.

pugs on a rug

It was a tough decision between Norman and Alfred, but Alfred came out on top, proving that he could hold a b flat longer than Norman could hold a c sharp.

The group photo following the contest shows Norman's disdain for the decision and Alfred's poor sportsmanship.

alfred can't hide his boredom

As the other Pugs dispersed for a break, Norman pulled Sugar aside and proposed a secret alliance.

norman and sugar

Much to Norman's chagrin, Sugar declined his offer, explaining that she was a lone Pug and didn't share her toys with no one!

sugar loves her toys

Norman was left distraught, and thought long and hard that night about his next move.

Find out what happens on day 2 of Survivor: Camp ChiChi, when Norman offers Alfred an interesting alliance proposal!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Survivor: Camp ChiChi

Last on Survivor: Camp ChiChi, the two Schnauzers were voted out of camp for being snobbish and not following the crowd. The Pugs are harsh critics at Camp ChiChi, and the Schnauzers paid the price for their inability to sniff butts and cram into the group tent properly at nap time.

This week, the campers will welcome a new member. Will his stay be longer and more fruitful than that of the Schnauzers'? Will one of the long-lasting members of the Camp finally be voted off in favor of the latest camper? Find out this week on Survivor: Camp ChiChi!

Let's meet our newest camper, Goodboy Norman Featherstone. This handsome Pug is a native of Wilmur, Alabama, currently residing with his People in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The nine hour car ride from Asheville to Florida gave Norman time to devise a strategy for his time at Camp ChiChi.

riding in cars with pugs

Norman has a bit of an advantage over previous campers since he is pretty well acquainted with Alfred and Holly, having spent a week with them two summers ago. Will he attempt to form an alliance with those two Pugs, or will he surprise everyone and turn his back on this established friendship? Will the three Pugs even remember each other? Time will tell what Norman has planned at Camp ChiChi.

norman excited to be getting to where he's going

As he crosses the bridge that spans Pensacola Bay, Norman grows more and more anxious.

pensacola bay

Tune in tomorrow to learn how the initial meeting went between Norman and the four Camp ChiChi members and see who came out on top for the first challenge!