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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tacky Christmas

It has become a Christmas Eve tradition for us to partake of fondu with Bill and Kari and their family. This year the theme of Christmas Eve was "Tacky Christmas." Although the People did not get this memo and therefore did not dress up tackily, at least not on purpose. Let's check out some of the tacky action.

Oh Kari - that vest and necklace are the bomb, but I have to say the giant red bow really completes the outfit. Nice job!

kari with a present from lauren

Lauren's elf socks have got it going on, and Ameaka looks fab in his redneck Christmas attire. Santa will never see him spying in his camo shirt and pants.

lauren and ameaka christmas eve

Sarah's leopard cuffs and big white bow are simply fabulous!

sarah opening a present

But the winner of the Tacky Christmas grand prize goes to Matt for his righteous snowman vest and skin tight white turtle neck! Woot!

matt wins the tacky christmas grand prize

Woman was sad that she did not get photos of everyone's tackiness, because it was pretty awesome. The evening was, however, missing big hair and stretch pants, which Woman would have brought to the table had she known about the contest. Here is proof that Woman has experience in these areas and will school you if given the chance. I give you Christmas Nineteen Ninety Something!

tammy-with-icky-baby '92

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you're all dressed tacky, but not as tacky as Woman was back in the day!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Millionty Presents!

A lot went on during Christmas, but I'll start with the best part - the presents! I LOVE to open presents, and there was no shortage of them this year. Woman said we got more presents this year than ever before! It was pretty great.

Here I am on Christmas morning waiting patiently to open a present.

norman opening a present

Check me out ripping into this one!

norman is grease lightning

This was my favorite present - KIT-TAY!! He looks just like Hootie, except he's pink and has a tail and is a cat instead of an owl. Other than that - they're the same!


On Christmas Eve, I got toothpaste and a toothbrush from Kari. I was not amused. Woman brushed my teeth last night. Not fun.

norman with a present

Opening presents is hard work!

norman loves christmas!

Apart from opening presents, I also enjoy delivering presents and helping open them.

norman delivers gifts

And I don't mind posing for the occasional picture with Mr. Ian.

norman and ian

The People got like 50 million presents, so please try to stay awake for the rest of the post.

Woman got this great new coffee mug and loose tea holder from New Morning Gallery. Well, it was from Ian, but he got it at the New Morning Gallery.


She also got a seedling heat mat (to help germinate seeds faster), a subscription to an almanac, and a book on self-sufficiency that is going to get Ian into more work that he had expected I'm sure. There is talk of a goat in his future. I'm not sure he knows that though.


And on the entertainment front, she got Seinfeld season 9 and an AC/DC CD. Woman used to LOATHE AC/DC, but she says it's awesome workout music, and now she likes to rock out to it. Strange Woman.


As if all those presents weren't enough, she also got this sleek new iPod!

new ipod!

Let's see what she's got on that thing - oh yuck! Body Pump music. Gag...

new ipod!

Ian got some presents too - a gas cooker to brew his beer faster, a book on growing your own beer ingredients, a book of beer recipes, The Muppet Show season 1 (which is pretty rockin'), a cool looking bottle cap opener and a metal pan thingy for cooking and stuff (although I'm sure I won't get any bites).


He also got this super music stand!

music stand

The People got lots of presents at the Gammy's too! Edward and Tia got them those two books, which they love. The Gammy got them that brownie pan, game, camera and chopstick set, and the Whitola got them those stylish plates!


Woman's favorite gift from the Gammy were these vintage ornaments. This year brought some sadness when "The Old Man on Gammy's Mountain", Alvin, passed away. Alvin was Ian's Stepdad's Stepuncle, if there is such a thing. Alvin and Gammy were very close, and when he passed away, she was given these ornaments from his estate. Knowing how much Woman loves vintage ornaments, Gammy gave them to Woman! Isn't that sweet of her? Woman was happy to add them to her collection from her Mom's Christmas tree this year.

vintage ornaments

They're not edible, so I'm not really into them.

norman with ornaments

Woman also got a gift card that she's quite eager to spend!

bb barns gift card

Michael and Danita gave the People this fabulous Pug birdbath! I sit in the middle of it, and the birds bathe around me. Pretty cool. I can't wait to try it out!

bird bath with pug

Look at what the People made for Christmas breakfast! Oh yummy! I got some bites of that sausage - right off the fork! I eat off forks now!!

christmas breakfast

This is a terrine. It's a new Christmas specialty.


Our Christmas was pretty great! What did you all get for Christmas? I'm just whining to know!

Oh yeah, and here is our official 2008 Christmas photo! I'm such a cool dog.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Happy Christmas all you bloggers! I hope you're having a great day! I opened some presents, and they were super. Too busy to post photos now, but I'll share later next week. Chat with you all real soon!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping Cool

norman in his cool shades and tuxedo

It's been chilly here the past couple days! I have kept warm though by all the gifts I've received from my wonderful blogger friends. I don't love you *just* for the gifts you have given me, but it certainly helps. LOL!

Thanks to Punchy for the awesome presents she sent me! I would show you some photos, but my camera battery needs to be recharged! And thanks to Girlville for a second round of gifts! You spoil me too much! And thanks to everyone for the Christmas cards! They have been wonderful. I love seeing all your cute whittle puggy (and human) faces decorating my refrigerator. If only you were really here, you could open that fridge up and give me a treat!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I got some Presents!

Presents people! I got presents!

Check him out - Mr. Turtle!

norman with a christmas present from page

Isn't he the coolest? I mean, not as cool as Hootie, but there's no comparing anything to Hootie. I love my new Mr. Turtle! I've never had a turtle before. Does anyone know what to feed him?? He seems to enjoy being licked, so I got him covered in the personal hygiene arena.

Thanks so much Page and Rob (and of course Winston, Sela and Boo Kitty *although I doubt Boo Kitty had a paw in this present*)!!

The People got some yummy chocolates from our friends in Panama City too! I tried to get a chocolate, but Woman said they are yuck yuck. It's funny that she keeps eating them. I think she might be lying to keep me away from them. Sneaky Woman!!

chocolates from page

It was really cold here last night and this morning, but we haven't seen any snow yet. I want some snow! Punchy, send me a box or two of snow please!

Thanks to everyone who sent me a Christmas card! Our cards are late going out this year, but hopefully you will get yours before Christmas. If you don't get one - please don't be mad at me. Woman only bought 30, and we had to send a lot to family. Woman says postage rates are out of control, so we had to leave off our Canadian blogger friends. I don't know what that means. I like our postman. He's a nice guy and does not seem to be out of control at all. He doesn't seem to be Canadian either. Hmmm ... I need to do some thinking about this one.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Glitter Bird

It's time for the annual Christmas Tree tour with me, your host, Goodboy Norman Featherstone.

norman with the christmas tree 2008

Woman added a new theme to the Christmas Tree this year, the "glittery bird" theme. Here is the main focus of the glitter bird grouping, "THE" Glitter Bird herself. She's a big gal with tail feathers that span no less than 4 inches. Check out all that glitter! I couldn't be more garish if I tried!

glitter bird christmas ornament

Woman rounded out the glitter bird theme with a three-pack of red glass glittery birds that clip onto the branches. She was pretty excited about these ornaments, especially since she got them for 40% off during Black Friday at Michael's.

This guy looks like he's about to catch himself a tasty bug for breakfast.

still glittery, but not as glittery as glitter bird

This one seems to be inquiring about a noise he heard down below. Perhaps it was the Tinkerbell ornament playing a trick on him.

another glittery bird

And this one is just staring off into space wondering where his life went wrong. It's a tough life being locked in a dark box 335 days out of the year then perched atop a Christmas tree branch with hot lights burning your rear end all day and night. Poor glittery birds.

I really like these glittery birds

Here's the best ornament - it's ME with SANTA!

norman's ornament

I'm ready to open these presents already.

norman posing with presents

Christmas is less than a week away! I'm not good at measuring time, so I keep expecting to wake up and get to open presents. It hasn't happened yet though.

Do you need a last minute gift idea? How about a donation to the local SPCA, humane society or IFAW? You could also bake some cookies, muffins or mini loaves of tasty bread like banana nut! Most everyone likes handmade gifts like baked goods, except kids. They just want TOYS TOYS TOYS!

If you're wondering what gifts are hot this year, I'll tell you what was the most popular at our Secret Santa exchange. First, there was this silver flask that everyone tried to steal. Once that was locked down, everyone wanted the 12 pack of wine glasses with the bottle of organic wine, and once that was sealed in with its owner, everyone wanted some handmade decorative bowl. People are weird, but maybe those are some good ideas for you. Good luck with your last minute shopping everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secret Santa - Gift Edition!

The People do most of their holiday shopping on-line. They don't like fighting traffic to get into stores, or waiting 40 minutes to get out of the parking lot, and they also don't like getting overheated waiting in line to pay for items that they had to dig out from under a million other things. So, the People shop on-line a lot during the holidays. This has its pros and cons. One of the cons for me is that the mailman delivers a lot of packages NOT destined for me. I hate not getting mail. Here is a picture of me looking out the window, not getting any mail.

norman looking out window

So, when the mailman recently delivered a package FOR me, I was pretty happy. What was it you ask? Well, I'm sure the title of this post gave it away already - it was my Secret Santa present! Hooray! Check out the excitement in my face.

this pug thinks he's a frenchy!

I know you're stoked to find out what I got, so let's just get right into it.

First, there was this awesome cookie treat for ME! How do I know it's for me? Well, for one - it has my name on it, and second - the writing on the bone says, "Naughty" and who has been naughtier than me in our house this year? No one! That's who!

yummy treat from kristie

Second, there was this great yarn. I'm trying to be excited about the yarn, but honestly, I'm not sure what a Pug does with yarn. Maybe I'll get a jolt of energy later and tear it apart. Woman says she's going to make a scarf out of it, but what am I going to do with a scarf? I guess I could tear that up instead ...

norman and his yarn

And we also got this cute little tweetily tweety tweet tweet bird. It doesn't actually tweet though. It doesn't do a whole lot of anything really. I think this gift was meant for Woman, because only Woman could appreciate a gift that does nothing.

norman and his cardinal

Can you guess who our Secret Santa was? It was Girlville!! Thanks so much Girlville!! We love all our presents, even if some of them don't entertain me much. LOL! I guess I'll be nice and give those to Woman. Merry Christmas Woman. Look what I got you!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Very Rowdy Night

Holy cow, our Christmas party was an exciting event! I even got all dressed up for it thanks to Punchy and her creative sewing skills! Check me out, the host with the most ...

norman in his tux

The most ladies, that is!

norman and kari

And the most butt scratchings!!

lauren, clint and norman

But seriously, there were a lot of people in my house on Friday - like 30. It was LOUD and everyone was all complaining about my farting. It's my house people - I fart - deal with it.

The people played Dirty Santa, which involves everyone EXCEPT ME getting a gift. Can you believe that crap? As punishment, I have been pooping right in front of the Christmas tree regularly to let Woman know I'm peeved. That tree better start dropping me some presents, or the poop is going to get closer and closer until finally - BAM! Right on the branches!!

Here is a photo of me watching people open their gifts. Do you see the jealousy in my eyes? Poor pug...

norman watching people open his gifts

This was the gift with the coolest wrapping paper - custom drawing by John Murphy. He's an artist after all.

cool dirty santa wrapping

Lyn received the strangest gift - shoe horns. She was excited about them though. I guess she's kind of weird like that.

lyn showing off her dirty santa gift

Ben was the culprit who brought the shoe horns as a gift. Odd dude ... Just look at that little smile on his face. Yeah, he knows he was naughty. That's the look I have on my face after pooping in front of the Christmas tree.

ben with red eye

Woman and Katherine also got rather lame gifts. Fishing t-shirts. Luckily, Lauren ended up wearing Woman's home since Lauren lost her top at some point in the evening, so Woman doesn't have to re-gift it. Ian later found Lauren's shirt in the hot tub filter. This sounds more scandalous than it actually is. The reason Lauren was without her top is because the people were hot tubbing - no, not naked. LOL!

tammy and katherine showing off their crappy dirty santa gifts

Nate appreciates a good juicy scandal.

nate loves beer

I think this photo pretty much sums up the evening.

lauren, bill, kari and kris cheesing it up

And this one ... I got worn out pretty fast with all that farting!

norman in his tux

The People threw a good party that lasted, in my opinion, way too long. Humans should really have a curfew, like say, 6pm.

ian and tammy

If nothing else, it should be illegal to photo a Pug's nether regions, even if on accident.

tammy and norman

Here are some more photos if you're interested. I am in some of them, so it might be worth your time to check them out!