Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

This year has started out just like the last year ended - with lots of snow on the ground! I have finally learned how to potty when there's this much snow. I just skirt the house where the roof has kept the snow from hitting the ground - never even get my feet wet! The problem with snow days is that I don't get to go for walks. I have to admit that I'm getting pretty stir crazy being in the house all day, but at least I don't have to work! How are you spending your snow days?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

No Brudder

Ian made the stunning announcement in December that Woman was allowed to finally get a Frenchie. This shocked everyone involved, especially me. You can imagine how opposed I was to the idea of getting a Frenchie, and the fact that Ian didn't consult me before telling Woman the news made me like the idea even less. Woman was finally able to convince me that having a brudder around would be fantastic - just like having Pugsley around all the time. I slowly warmed up to the idea and finally accepted it.

So, Woman applied for a cute little 2-year old Frenchie named Elton through FBRN. She got a call from the foster Mom a week later explaining how she had never had so many applications for a dog in her experience as a foster, and that we were in the final running for getting Elton. Woman was very excited and had her hopes set pretty high on getting Elton.

Those hopes were dashed this morning when Woman received an email stating that we were not selected as Elton's forever home, and you can imagine Woman was devastated. I'm pretty sad too, but not nearly as sad as Woman. She thinks we were not chosen because I'm an old man dog, but I can assure you that I play like a puppy when hooties are involved.

If anyone has any advice on adopting a Frenchie, please share. Woman isn't sure she wants to go through this disappointment again, but would still be interested in hearing your thoughts.