Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Monday, June 28, 2010

Snug as Three Pugs in a Rug

Pugsley and June Bug have been at our house since last Tuesday. I have to admit that it's been pretty awesome, and I will miss them when they leave.

We are quite the handsome group.

three pugs on the couch

Woman had a lot of fun taking us all three on a walk together by herself. She said I was the most well behaved. Here is additional photographic evidence that I am the most well behaved of the three Pugs. Notice how the other Pugs are jumping off the couch, but I am obeying Woman and posing for the camera. What bad dogs ...

three pugs on the couch

I am also the most distinguished of the pack. Look at the majesty.

three pugs on the couch

I do let my fur down with Pugsley every now and then though. We like to play kissy face while June Bug tries to ignore us in the background.

norman and pugsley love each other

Pugsley does not appreciate the paparazzi interrupting our private time.

norman and pugsley love each other

Here we are giving our best "Blue Steel" pose.

three pugs on the couch

I will miss them when they're gone, and so will Woman! Ian - probably not so much though.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Norman is busy playing with Pugsley and June Bug right now, so I, Woman, will be making today's post.

When I'm working in the garden, my mind seems to wander here and there, searching for something interesting to think about. Today it landed on Bubbles the Chimp. For some reason I had that song, "Man in the Mirror" stuck in my head, and I started wondering if really wealthy powerful people like the CEO of BP were ever inspired by lyrics on a personal level and possibly "changed" their ways as a result. Then I started thinking about that episode of the Simpsons,
Stark Raving Dad, where Homer got committed to an insane asylum for wearing a pink shirt and met a big white guy who claimed he was Michael Jackson . When Bart talked to the guy on the phone, he asked him to name his last three Grammy dates to prove he really was Michael Jackson, and one of the dates was Bubbles the Chimp. This got me wondering what happened to Bubbles the Chimp. Did Michael still have him when he died, or was Bubbles just filling in as a temporary child until Michael could get some "real" children in his life?

Interesting thoughts, eh?

After finishing up my gardening work, I sat down at the computer to start my "real" job, which always begins with a perusal of CNN to ensure the world has not exploded over night. What do I see under the front page of the entertainment section, but a story about Bubbles the Chimp! (click that link with caution - there is a huge photo of La Toya at the top, and man is she frightening.)

Michael adopted Bubbles from a research center in the early 80's and surrendered him to the Center for Great Apes in Florida in 2004 when he became too aggressive to keep as a "pet." His first child was born in 1997, so my "surrogate child" theory was probably a bust. Michael had visited Bubbles several times over the past year before he died, which is sweet to learn. Maybe next time I'm in Wauchula I'll pay him a visit too. Oh yikes - I just checked where Wauchula is located - a little too far South for me. Maybe I'll just send him an email.

So, if you've ever wondered what goes on in this head of mine, now you know. Scary and kind of boring, eh?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Me and the Crew

I had a fun time with Pugsley and June Bug last weekend. They will be coming again next Wednesday and staying with me for a whole week! I'm really excited.

Woman definitely gets more work done when there are three Pugs in the house. Look how hard she's working!

tammy working with three pugs

And she gets plenty of rest!

tammy with pugs

June Bug is a really good hostess. She makes sure all our guests are well attended.

nate and june bug


norman and pugsley

I can't wait until next Wednesday! Pugsley and I are going to have the best time ever!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Puglsey is Staying at my House this Weekend!

I'm so excited that my bestest friend Pugsley is coming to my house this weekend for a sleepover! He's bringing his little sister Junebug too, but we know how to ignore her. We like to play pranks on her and lock her out of whatever room we're in. It's fun to harass little sisters. That's what they're for, right? I'll post some photos of the pugstravaganza for sure!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Gray Beard

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg! I be goin' gray!

pugdog millionaire with daisies

Do you think I am a distinguished gray like George Clooney or a sexy gray like Sean Connery?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things the People Learned this Year at Disney World

1 - Flamingos sound like frogs.

2 - Virtual reality head gear leaves some serious imprints in the forehead.

imprints on my head from virtual reality head gear

3 - Towel art is less creepy when it isn't given a face using google eyes and pipe cleaners.

elephant towel art at animal kingdom lodge

4 - Chinese gymnasts have crazy strong necks.

chinese gymnasts at epcot

5 - Woman smiles like a troll.

tammy with troll topiary at epcot

6 - Even after all these years, Vikings are still dangerous.

ian is slain at epcot

7 - Minnie Mouse likes to show her bloomers for the camera.

tammy with minnie mouse

8 - It's very exciting when your best friends decide at 11pm to hop on a plane the next morning and join you in Disney World.

elena and jody at magic kingdom

9 - Elena is Queen of the Bongos.

elena is queen of the bongos

10 - If you are not Queen of the Bongos, plum wine gives you mad bongo skills, so awesome in fact, that your elbow must assist in the bongo'ing.

ian and tammy get busy on the bongos at epcot

11 - It's fun to spot someone wearing a t-shirt you designed for Threadless and ask to have your picture taken with them.

ian with a dude at epcot wearing his eclipse t-shirt

12 - The Kim Possible challenge at Epcot is also well aided by plum wine.

jody, elena and tammy on the kim possible epcot mission

13 - Butterflies sometimes "carry" each other around. This is of particular interest to young children who like to point this out to their giggling parents.

butterfly at epcot

14 - You can get those tea cups spinning really fast with four people in the car!

jody on the teacups

15 - Buzz Lightyear does not like to hug.

ian and tammy with buzz lightyear

16 - You can get really wet at Animal Kingdom.

ian drenched at animal kingdom

17 - Animals come really close to the truck on the safari at Animal Kingdom.

white rhino at animal kingdom

18 - The beer in Ethiopia isn't all that bad.

ethiopian beer at animal kingdom

19 - The views from the rooms at Animal Kingdom lodge are worth the extra cost.

view off the balcony at animal kingdom lodge

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Couple Must-Haves

Whether you like to shop or not, here are a couple of items that you should look into picking up for yourself.
  • 1 liter Sigg bottle for $11.96. Seriously, these things are like $25 in stores. AND, they are offering free shipping throughout the website. Make sure you don't sign up for the mailing list though; otherwise you'll get 5 emails a day from them.
  • Hands-free bug screen lets puggies come and go, but keeps bugs and birds out of your house. If your Pug is like me, he doesn't lower himself to using the standard "doggie door." However, if you're really sneaky, you can trick him into using this clever screen equipped with magnets for easy opening and closing. We bought one this year, and Woman absolutely loves it! It is kind of pricey, but there is no price too high to keep birds from getting onto our porch and Woman from having to get out of her chair to let me outside.
So go now and shop. What are you waiting for? These are quality items!


When we were at Max Patch, we met a dog that has been living there for who knows how long. He had a collar on, but no tags. The People think he was either dumped there by his owners or possibly got separated from his group and is now lost. They like to think he is just lost and that someone wouldn't dump their dog like that, but who knows. He didn't look sick or hungry, so people must be feeding him well.

Here he is playing with our group. He looks like a boxer / pitbull mix.

gargamel at max patch

On the way up the trail, we learned that this dog likes to be in charge of all other dogs on the mountain when he voraciously "alpha maled" Rooney. He didn't mess with me though - I think we all know why. After that we had to keep him away from our group so Rooney and him didn't get into a tussle. We decided to name him Gargamel because he was always trying to sneak into our group and terrorize Rooney.

The name of our camping trip became "Gargamel Watched me Pee" when Margarita made this exclamation on her return from a pee break.

The People asked a group to call Animal Control when they got off the mountain and had cell signal, so hopefully Gargamel is not running around the mountain any more.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Camping Weekend

We went camping at Max Patch this weekend. I got to sleep in a tent! It was pretty awesome.

We did not camp right on top of Max Patch, because it is really windy up there, and we couldn't build a fire, but we did hike up and spend time enjoying the view.

Ena led the way up the trail. She's a pretty good guide - we didn't get lost once! Not bad for someone who will be two-years-old in September. She could work a bit on her "banter" though. She seemed to just say, "Hi Sarah" over and over again, which had little relevance to the sights and sounds of the hike.

ena at max patch

Here we are hiking. Can you believe Woman had me on a leash? In the wild? I'm a dog! Let me run!

hiking max patch

The view on the way to the top.

view at max patch

One of the views at the top. The cool thing about Max Patch is that you get a 360 degree unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains. And also, there are lots of things to sniff and pee on! You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

view at max patch

Here is the geologic survey marker at the highest point of Max Patch. Yes, I did pee on it in case you are wondering. It's an important artifact. I needed to show it some appreciation.

geologic survey at max patch

I made some new friends on this camping trip. First there was Rooney, Tara's new puppy. He runs fast and likes to roll in stinky things. I kept my distance from him most of the time due to the smell.


And also I met some dudes who were hiking a little bit of the Appalachian Trail. Their names were "This Dude" and "That Other Dude". I'm not so good with remembering names. Maybe one of them was Andrew? I dunno. They smelled slightly better than Rooney, so I hung out with them a little more than him.

norman makes friends at max patch

The ladies decided at one point that it would be a good idea to build a human pyramid. I think they pulled it off well.

girlie pyramid at max patch

When you go camping, you have to hike away from camp to find somewhere "private" to pee. This took a little getting used to for me. Here I am on my way back from a bathroom break.

norman at max patch

We celebrated Sarah's birthday with champagne at sunset. This is the face she made when I told her I was going to tell everyone on my blog that she is 29!

sarah opens champagne atop max patch

The People said the views were really pretty.

sunset at max patch

I wouldn't really know, because I see best with my nose, and since I couldn't sniff Pisgah National Forest's butt, I couldn't really tell you what it looks like.

view at max patch

I was glad to get home to my real bed and my toys, but I do look forward to our next camping trip in two years or so. Who else likes to go camping? Do you sleep in a tent or right on the ground? Have you ever been eaten by a bear?