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Monday, March 26, 2007

Digging in the Dirt

All Winter long, the Woman has been asking me if I am going to help her with the garden this year. I was always like, "Sure Woman, as long as it doesn't involve me doing any work." The time finally came for me to start helping with the garden this weekend... Ian and the neighbor, Bill, rented a rototiller to dig up the designated garden spot. When they turned the rototiller on, I got so excited by the loud noise that I had to run in and get Hootie Owl so he could see what was going on. I knew he would never believe me if I told him about it later, so I wanted him to see if first-hand. The rototiller was pretty much awesome. It dug into the ground and threw stuff everywhere. It also let off this awesome gas smell that I really liked. I wish I had hands, because I would have liked to have rototilled too. Ian wishes I had hands too, because he was REALLY tired by the end of the day and could have used the extra help.

After the tilling, the Woman had the task of raking the dirt to get it smooth and to remove any rocks and clumps of grass. I kept getting in the way by sitting in her shadow for shade, and she kept poking me with the rake to move. At one point, it was so hot that I rolled around in the dirt. The Woman was amused by this, but it also ticked her off some. When she finished raking, she planned to section off the plots and start planting. She got really tired though and ran out of stakes for the sectioning off, so she is going to resume her work tonight.

I didn't actually help do anything at all. I did lay beside Ian in the shade and get petted some, but I don't really feel like I contributed to the gardening. I am planning on helping with the "watering" once the Woman gets the seeds in the ground. That should be really helpful and not too exerting on me!

I'll post some pictures of the garden plot later. It's just a 24' x 24' square of dirt right now. I'm sure you can all imagine that in your heads.


  • At 7:07 AM, Blogger Tami said…

    I'm afraid to plant anything yet because we might have a hard frost. That would be my luck.


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