Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Woman says that tonight a bunch of kids are going to come to our house and we are going to give them candy. This is apparently called "Trick-or-Treating," and if we don't give them candy, they will play a trick on us. I think this is called blackmail, but I admire the tactic. When will there be a doggy Trick-or-Treat day? Give me all your snausages, or I'll pee on your prized Camelia! Oh wait, I was going to pee on it anyway. I guess I should say, "Give me all your snausages, and I'll pee on your prized Camelia!" I doubt that will have the same effect though.

I am dressing up as a bumble bee, which appears to be a very popular doggy costume this year. The Woman doubts I will keep the antennae on for very long, and she is right. Don't expect any pictures with antennae.


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