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Monday, August 14, 2006

Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend! The People took me for a walk on Friday night, and we stopped at Murphy's house to chat for a while. Murphy and I seemed to be getting along well. If you remember, this is the super-sized dog that almost peed on my head about a month ago. He didn't try to pee on me this time, and I was hoping we could be friends.

My hopes for friendship were dashed on Saturday when the People took me back to Murphy's house to play, and Murphy decided he doesn't like me. He's a really big dog with a really big bark, and he barked his big scary bark at me a lot. His owner, Kari, told him he was a bad boy and locked him away. I am sad that Murphy doesn't like me. I guess I'm just too small for him, and he wants to eat me. It's difficult to be friends with someone who sees you as an hors dourve.


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