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Friday, August 04, 2006

Heartworm Preventative

The Woman called the holistic Vet yesterday to find out if she should give me my heartworm medicine this month. Two days after I took my heartworm medicine last month, I got another mast cell tumor, so the Woman was concerned that there was some kind of correlation between the two. Well, the Vet is not aware of any studies concerning a relation between mast cell tumors and heartworm preventative, but she did tell the Woman that I don't actually need to take it every month. She says every other month is sufficient to keep the heartworms away.

The Vet also told the Woman that if I was her dog, she would never vaccinate me again - including rabies vaccinations! The Woman has read a lot of propaganda online about Vets causing people to over-vaccinate their pets, and she was interested to hear this Vet agree with that information. The Woman has even read cases where dogs develop mast cell tumors in the same spot where they received their rabies vaccine, and the Woman is suspicious that my first mast cell tumor was in the same place I got my last vaccination. According to the holistic Vet, cancer dogs should never get vaccinations again. Sure, it's law in NC to have an annual rabies vaccine, but the Vet doesn't think I will become rabid and go on a biting spree any time soon. I'm a pug after all. The only thing I bite is my own tail.

Another interesting thing the Vet said is that three-year rabies vaccinations are no different than one-year rabies vaccines. They are the same formula! How that works, I don't know. My last rabies vaccination was last year around this time, and it was a three-year kind, so I guess in another two years the Woman will decide if she wants to break the law by not getting me another vaccination. I bet I never get stuck with that stupid needle again!

It is interesting to me how little Vets talk to their clients about what they are injecting into their pet. People need to start asking more questions and make these Vets work a little harder for their pay. Don't ever let your Vet inject your dog with something unless they tell you what it is and assure you that it has been tested as safe, effective and necessary, and never let your Vet inject your pet with something that is new on the market. I was actually on ProHeart6 for a year, before they pulled it off the market. The Woman noticed the Vet injecting me with something other than my standard shots and asked what it was. He assured her that it was safe, but it was not! He was going to just stick me with a needle without telling the Woman what was in it! I still got stuck with it, because she trusted him, but thankfully I didn't die.


  • At 10:40 AM, Blogger My Pugs Blogger said…

    I agree - some Vets are scary and irresponsible! We need to ask them questions and be careful with what they are putting into our pugs! I'm glad the Woman is asking questions and kicking butt!


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