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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Ian will deny it, but we now have our own kitty! It is mostly white with some calico spots, and it lives under the shed. The Woman was able to pet it once, but when I went to lick it, it ran away. I'm not sure if it's a boy or girl, but when I find out, I will name it and let you know. Ian says we can't feed it or give it water, because he doesn't want it thinking it lives here. I'm sure the Woman has other plans though. It's very hot outside - we can't just let it die! The Woman thinks it isn't wild though, because it did let her pet it. If it was wild, she wouldn't have been able to get near it probably. If you have some name recommendations, let me know them. No, Brother, I will not be naming it Brother Jr. or Brotherina. No Chewbear, I will not be naming it Chewbear Jr. or Chewbearina. No, Mr. Chris, I will not be naming it Mr. Chris Jr. or Christina. FYI - Do not give me any Jr. or -ina suggestions.


  • At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Norman, I'm telling you. You have got to come to Georgia, quick! Noah let me in and gave me a bath because he has missed having me inside all week while Brother has been visiting, and the minute I walked into Elise's bedroom, Brother attacked me! He thinks he lives here now, and he thinks that he is the only dog with rights to the house anymore. I can tell Madison is catching on to Brother's smooth ways because I've heard her tell Elise (I know I've been outside a lot lately, but my really big ears work to my advantage. I can still hear what's going on in the house)that she thinks Brother only acts like he's been abused because it gets him special privileges. She thinks he's sneaky and can't be trusted. I think my people are slowly catching on. I don't know if Mr. Chris ever will, though. Brother has pulled the wool over his eyes. You know how he acts like he doesn't know how to bark? He has no problem barking and showing his teeth at me. He can be extremely vicious. I have an idea, could your new kitty possibly be "The Terminator"? I know someone around here needs to be terminated A.S.A.P.!!

  • At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How about Sarah Jessica Park-ear if it's a girl or Harry Pott-ear if it's a boy?


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