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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Big Butt Basketball Kangaroo Thing

Big Butt Basketball Kangaroo Thing (or Big Butt for short) is my favorite toy. I stole it from the Gammy's house about a year ago, but at that time, it was just a basketball. The People would throw it at me, and I would bounce it back to them with my face. It was quite amusing ... for them. Not so amusing for me though, because I was after all, getting hit in the face with it over and over. A couple months after the acquisition, I realized there was a velcro strip on it that when opened revealed a kangaroo with an incredibly large rear end (it doesn't turn all the way inside out, and the basketball is affixed to its butt). I have since puggled it so badly that the velcro doesn't stick any more, and now I have a permanent kangaroo with a large butt. I like to cuddle with it, play fetch with it and tug with it, but my favorite thing to do is lick it! I licky boom boom down!

Brother is never ever ever allowed to play with it. We hide it from him when he comes to our house. Hahahaha!


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