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Monday, July 24, 2006

Three Weeks and Counting

It's been three weeks since my last lump was removed, and no new lumps have surfaced. I am getting sick of the Woman feeling me up for lumps. She needs to chill. I am now on all my supplements which include; Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Geriatric Vitamins and the Chinese herb Xue Fe Zhu Yu Tang. I especially like the taste of the Chinese herb. The Woman calls it Dong Wang, because she is convinced that all Chinese remedies contain some form of dehydrated penis. Yeah, she's pretty immature. I prefer to call it Wang Dong, because it sounds cooler. I get to eat two times a day, which is nice. I really enjoy my food!

We are now playing the waiting game, which is really quite boring. All these supplements are expensive, so we are waiting it out to see if they have any effect on the appearance of new lumps. My second lump appeared two months after removal of the first one, but that was with just the flaxseed oil and vitamin C. The Woman is not sure how long I have to take all these supplements, but she hopes it isn't forever.

The Woman found a couple references on the Internet that flaxseed oil is bad for Mast Cell Tumors, because the amino-6 acid has been shown to actually cause them! She is now feeling guilty that she may have given me a second tumor. On the other hand, she likes the thought that there is an explanation for the second tumor and is hopeful that there will not be a third since I don't take the flaxseed oil any more. Yeah, she has control issues. I am now on fish oil which only contains amino-3 acids. Let this be a lesson to you - never try to self-medicate your dog!

I wish it would cool down outside, because I am not getting to go for many walks lately. I need my exercise!


  • At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have you tried tumeric or was that not advised? We tried that for our Dachshund Lily and though we don't know that it has made a difference she hasn't had any recurrence and her mast cell tumors were grade 2. She had to have 2 surgeries. First was done by our regular vet but they didn't get complete margins as per the pathologist so NCstate recommended we go in for a second surgery which was quite extensive. It took 2 months to get the second surgery b/c they were booked and slow and she'd been on tumeric for those two months. When they removed the tissue the path report came back that they found absolutely no abnormal tissue, not even a single cell. I don't know for sure but think the tumeric helped. We've also switched her to Innova Evo which is 42% protein which is supposed to help! I know it's terrible seeing your pup ill but we'll hope it goes well. Grade 1 is excellent prognosis! Also, CanineCancer yahoogroup has helped me a lot!

  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger Goodboy Norman Featherstone said…

    Thanks Libby! I will ask the Vet next time we see her about tumeric. I really hope Lily stays cancer free! We live in NC too!


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