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Friday, July 07, 2006

Special Delivery!

I received flowers yesterday from Chew Bear, Hey Brother and Mr. Chris! They are so pretty and taste ok too. I only ate a little part of one though, because the Woman said they're for looking at, not for munching on. No, not even a little. They're yellow, and yellow is my favorite color! The Woman keeps them on the floor so I can enjoy them.

You may be wondering why the Chewb and Company sent me flowers. Well, my stupid Mast Cell Tumor cancer came back. The Woman found a lump on me last Thursday, and then another one later that night. I had them removed on Monday, and I have been waiting for the biopsy results before blogging it. I haven't received the results yet though, and it looks like I might not get them until Monday or Tuesday now. We were really hopeful that I would not get any more lumps, but now it appears I may be "prone" to them. The Woman is, of course, a mess, but I am trying to keep her entertained by licking her face a whole lot and stealing her blanket. I'll let you all know the results as soon as I get them, but just know that I am very hopeful and feeling fine.


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