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Monday, June 19, 2006

I Never Knew We Had this Room!

The People cleaned out the bonus room this weekend. It was filled to the ceiling with boxes that needed unpacking and other assorted miscellaneous items from the last move. When they finished, I couldn't believe we had another room in the house this whole time! Sure, the People had been using what little space there was in that "room" as a darkroom, but now it's like there's this whole other room that appeared out of no where! I wonder if there are more rooms hiding somewhere in this house. Sometimes I get a little whiff of BO when I'm in the new room, because the owner before last used it as a workout room. The Woman needs to scrub those floors! I like BO and all, but not BO from a strange women I have never had the pleasure of sniffing in person!

To add to the excitement of finding a new room, the Woman also found the Lady Pugs in a box! I was so happy to see Paprika and the seester. They had been packed up for 6 months and were unresponsive, so I gave them the breath of life. They were back up and kicking quickly after that! Hello Ladies!

We also had another gas leak scare during the unpacking session. The Woman still refuses to turn on the air conditioner, so we were running the attic fan while cleaning out the bonus room. We had only one window in the bonus room open so all the air would come through that room. The gas hot water heater is located in a closet in the bonus room, and after a while, the People smelled some natural gas. Well, according to the Gas Company, you should never smell natural gas in your house, so the Woman called to have The Gas Man cometh. Unfortunately, it was not Bryan, our last Gas Man, but some other dude that was not as pleasant as Bryan. Actually, he was quite the bossy jerk and not appreciative of having to climb around on his back to see if our pilot light was lit. It turns out that the attic fan was sucking the hot water heater exhaust out of the exhaust pipe, and that's why we smelled gas. The New Gas Man claims the People need to buy a new hot water heater and told them not to run the attic fan until they do so. The People are not heeding his advice though, because the water heater passed inspection and they think the New Gas Man is just trying to get them to spend $1k with his company. Long story short, they said - Whatever! I do what I want. If our house blows up, you will all know why.


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