Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pug Toupee

The Woman has been anxiously waiting for my fur to grow back and cover my scar. She thinks the Vet did a real hack job sewing me up, and she is hoping my scar doesn't show forever. She's kind of vain about my appearance, and she also claims to be sick of explaining to everyone why I have a scar. I, on the other hand, hope it will always be visible for two reasons. First, it gets me attention and pity, which leads to petting and free food from strangers. Second, it reaffirms that I am a bad, bad man to all the Ladies. The Woman noticed that the fur is actually starting to grow out of some parts of the scar, so she might get her wish in the end. Until then though, I get to flaunt my badness. I do hope this bald patch grows back soon though, because they don't make toupees for Pugs.


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