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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Gas Man Comes in the Night!!!!

Yeah, I know - it's been a while since I've posted. The Woman has been busy at work, and I have not had a chance to sneak onto her computer while she's on break. Anyway, I have some good stories to tell. The first one has to do with the Gas Man.

It was a couple weeks ago, and the People were getting ready for an Art Show in Raleigh. It was pretty late - like 10:30pm, and the Woman went to shut off the furnace, because it's getting warm and we won't be needing it any longer. When she opened the closet that contains the furnace, she smelled some natural gas - no, it wasn't me - my gas is very unnatural. Of course she fretted about it for a while, and eventually called the gas company who sent out the Gas Man. He was super cool. His name was Bryan, and he had dead flies all over his boots, and he left a path of dead flies everywhere he walked. It was like one of those freaky Stephen King novels or something. The Woman was kind of mad, because she had just finished sweeping the floor and had to sweep up all the dead flies when he left. He fixed the gas leak, and I guess it's good, because an exploding house is bad. I was trying to get him to take me with him. I could be his mascot or something. I'm not sure how to get the dead flies to stick to my feet though. I guess I would need to get some heavy duty fly magnet boots or something.


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