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Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's so Great About Gardening?

The People have been spending their weekends in the front yard "gardening." They lock me up in the back yard where I occasionally get to torment them with my barks and whining when they need something from the shed or on their way with a load of dirt for the mulch pile. I finally got to see what they have been up to in the front yard, and honestly, it's not so impressive. There's just dirt now where shrubs used to be, and dirt where grass used to be. I think they've just been making a big mess. I did walk through the dirt and got yelled at. Maybe it's special, magical dirt. I don't know, but I know I got magic all over me when I walked through it, because it was really muddy.

The Woman was potting up some bulbs in the backyard and spilled something called bone meal, which she feeds to the plants. Bone meal is really, really yummy. I guess it's made from bones. I ate some of it. If I don't die from the amount I ingested, I am going to see if The Woman will sprinkle some on my food every day. At the very least, it would be nice to have a little bit on special occasions!


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