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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why do I smell like Fritos?

I don't even get to eat Fritos, but for some reason, I always smell like I have been rolling around in a bag of them (minus the greasy sheen). The Woman bathes me, and the smell susbides for a while, but within a day or so, that corn chip stench returns! So, I went on a search to find the answer to the age-old Pug question, "Why do I smell like Fritos?"

I searched the Internet high and low and found many theories. One suggested it could be the low quality of my dog food, but The Woman buys me expensive dog food from the Petsmart store made of lamb and rice, so that can't be it. Another theory proposed that I could have a mild skin condition, but I go to the Vet regularly, and I don't have itching problems, so I don't think that could be it either. Another Pug owner suggested Frito is just the Pug's natural scent. Welll, I guess that could be the answer then ... that there is no answer. Perhaps I could invent a spray that counteracts Frito scent. I bet Pug owners every where would want some! Wait, Mr. Chris already has something that does the same thing - Febreze. Yeah, he Febrezes me. Don't tell The Woman, or she won't let him pugsit me any more. (She thought he only Febrezed The Chewb.)

I was surprised and comforted to find that many Pugs smell like Fritos, and that most of their People find the smell endearing. At least I'm not alone, right? I guess I will try to learn to embrace my Frito-likedness and be all the Pug that I can be. That's a lot of Pug, let me tell you ...


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