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Monday, February 13, 2006

Who Wants to Swing in the Swing?

It snowed this weekend, and the People wanted to go hiking to take some pictures of the pretty snow-covered landscape. During our hike, we came across a park with a swingset. The Woman decided that she was going to put me in one of the baby swings. The Mean One told her not to, because I would "freak out".
Puh-lease. When do I ever freak out? Anyway, the Woman doesn't really listen to the Mean One much, so she put me in the swing anyway. I was gonna freak out, but I thought it might be a good publicity stunt for my website. Here is some video of me swinging. Sure, I'm no skateboarding bulldog, but the swinging Pug is pretty cool. Grrrr baby, very grrrrr.


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