Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Puggy Wheels Puggy Makes it Go!

The kid next door has a Power Wheels Hummer of which I am very very jealous. So, the other day I car-jacked him and took off with it when his mom wasn't looking! I was really pimping that thing out too with the bass thumpin' and the hydraulics pumpin'. All the Lady Pugs were waving to me, wanting to take a ride in my Hummer. Unfortunately, the top speed is like 1/2 mph, so the kid's mom car-jacked me and took it back before I could make a clean get away. I tried to climb a steep slope to out wit her, but unlike the real Hummer, this one just spins on any type of incline - pretty pathetic really. The kid has two Power Wheels - one Hummer and one John Deere something or other. I only want one of them. Gosh! Kids now days don't know how to share!

Pug-pug puggy wheels! Pug-puggy wheels! Puggy wheels puggy makes it go!


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