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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Birthday Review ...

So my Birthday went pretty well. The People took me to the pet store at lunch, and I got a new froggy toy and some greenies. I know I read somewhere that greenies killed some dogs, but they're worth the risk. I love them like I have never loved another chew treat. Later that day, the Mailman delivered a package, and I got to sniff him and stuff. He wished me a happy Birthday. It was cool. After work, the People took me for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I got to pee on stuff I have never peed on before - it was fun. Later that night, I got me some cheesecake! Oh, it was so good. It had strawberries on top of it and more calories than I get in a whole week. I wish I had more birthdays. The People have been eating the rest of the cheesecake all week long, but I did not get any more. They say it isn't my Birthday cake when my Birthday is over - it's just regular cheesecake now, and the dog doesn't get cheesecake. Phooey on them ... All in all, I am pleased with my Birthday celebration. I didn't get that bath the Woman promised me, but that's ok. Maybe I'll get one next year...


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