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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Summer Kick-Off at the Park

We went to the neighborhood party at the park this weekend. It was not as fun as I had hoped, as I was the only dog there. Well, there was this *other* dog named Oscar there, but he was a real jerk so he's not worth mentioning. Anway, it was just a bunch of people and their kids. Seriously, everyone had at least one kid. There were three groups of people - the retired people who already raised their kids, the 2 toddler group and the 1 baby group. It was kind of freaky. I like kids and all, but I don't like to be outnumbered by them or overshadowed by their cuteness. The Woman is worried that they have to have a baby to fit in. She is presently knitting me some baby-wear in an attempt to pass me off as a really ugly baby. We'll see how it works. I am practicing my baby whine and suckling. I think I got the whining down good, but my suckling could use some work. I need to find a case study. With all the babies in this neighborhood, it shouldn't be too difficult.

On the up-side, this is also a very dog-friendly neighborhood, so I got lots of attention from people and kids alike. Everyone wanted to pet me and asked my name. I also got extra attention because of my shaved spot and scar. I knocked a little baby down one time, and the parents didn't mind! I didn't knock him down to be mean though - he had some chocolate on his face, and I couldn't reach it when he was standing. It's a pretty cool neighborhood, but next time, I expect to see some dogs at the park.


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