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Monday, June 05, 2006

Bird Haunting

A bird died in our yard today. Somehow the stupid thing flew onto the porch and could not get out - it kept banging its head against the screen trying to get through it. The Woman tried to close all the blinds so it would find the door, and it flew head first into the screen and bounced onto the floor. It was pretty crazy. It was still alive, and we thought maybe it just got stunned, so the Mean One scooped it up and put it out in the yard. The People hoped it might recover, but apparently it broke its little neck. He was moving his tail and even took some steps, but in the end, he died. I was hoping to get to barbecue it, but the People said it could be diseased and threw it where I can't find it. Blast! They probably threw it over the fence for those little kids to play with. Those kids get to have all the fun!

So anyway, I'm kind of worried about it haunting the porch now. You know, I am left alone on the porch when the People go somewhere, and I don't really get along with supernatural spirits. I might freak out a little bit, and seeing as it knows I wanted to barbecue it, it might come after me for revenge. I guess we'll see how it works out.


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