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Thursday, June 29, 2006


The knickname of the week has been Bellygrub, so named after a level 24 Giant Goretusk in the Redridge Mountains. Yeah, it's a nerdy WoW thing - see what I have to deal with daily? All other Giant Goretusks are passive, but Bellygrub, like me, will aggro on you if you get too close to him. Hopefully, he tears you down pretty fast too, because those tusks are painful. I don't think I'm quite as fat as the Bellygrub of the Redridge Mountains, but he does have a cool mohawk hairdo worth admiring. Maybe I can get Ian to shave my fur into a mohawk next time he has the clippers out. He'll have to do it quickly though, because if the Woman catches on, there will be trouble.

The Original Bellygrub after Getting Pwned:

Me as Bellygrub after Getting Pwned:

In case you're a WoW nerd, and you're wondering what I dropped, you will be displeased to find "Pug Ichor" in your bag. For the HORDE!


  • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love this! I have a 6 month old fawn pug myself. His name is Royce. :]

    I play WoW myself. I came across this blog and this totally made my day.

    WTB Pug Ichor PST


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