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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cut Short

Our trip was cut short this weekend, because Ian had too much work to do and needed to get home. He is a freelance graphic designer, so when the work comes in, he pretty much has to get it done; otherwise, there might not be more work from that company in the future. He likes the freedom of freelancing though. It lets him do what he wants for the most part.

We got to see Mr. Chris's new house and play with Brother and Gracie a bit. Gracie had fleas though and was quarantined to the deck. It was a shame, because I really liked playing with her. She is a Bassett Hound and has a giant head. I think my whole body fits in her mouth! We also went to Edward and Tia's and I played with Ginger a little bit. She was really tired though, and mostly just slept. Rose wasn't up to playing with me either - she pretty much just guarded her food bowl the whole time I was there.

The Woman took yesterday off work, and we laid around all day. It was some good cuddle time together. She obsessed a little bit over a new lump I have, but the Vet says just to watch it for now. It's about the size of a pin-head. The Woman took me Friday to have a needle biopsy done on it, but it was too small to get a needle in. The Vet says keep an eye on it, and if it grows, we will take it off. He says if it was his dog, he would not do surgery on it right now. It's in a weird spot - just on my shoulder - and the incision might have some trouble healing since it would rub when I walk. He didn't seem to be too concerned about my Mast Cell Tumors and says in his experience, these grade 1 skin tumors usually stay on the skin and don't spread. The Woman was comforted by his reassurance ... for a little while at least. She is back to obsessing again though. Oh well - that's the Woman for you!


  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Kara said…

    Worrying is what us women do best! You are in good hands!!!


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