Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Invisible Dog

It seems that the Woman has invented for herself an invisible dog friend. She's always saying things like, "That's my little Angel Bear," "Who's a good boy?" and "You're my little sweetie man." She's obviously not talking to me, and we all know she's a little off-balance, so it must be her invisible dog friend. I'm not really jealous of this new invisible dog, because he sounds like a real sissy to me, and if the Woman wants to give him attention, then fine. I tried to convince her last night to build an altar of goodboy bones to the new invisible dog and turn away while "he" eats them. It didn't work though. Hopefully she starts feeding the new dog so I can get me some seconds. I swear, sometimes I'm the only sane being in this house.


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