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Monday, August 28, 2006

Chomping Broccoli

The Woman used to chop up my broccoli really finely with what she calls the "chop choppy" kitchen utensil to make sure I don't choke when eating it. This made her hand hurt though, so Ian suggested just cutting the broccoli in half. The Woman was afraid I would not chew the broccoli if they were that big, but she gave it a try. I am, in fact, smart enough to chew my food before swallowing it, so the big broccoli were not a problem. This week, however, the Woman started getting lazy with cutting the broccoli in half, and there was a giant one in my bowl. So, I brought it into the living room to tell her to cut my broccoli up better next time! She thought I looked so cute with a giant broccoli in my mouth, but Ian did not think I was so cute (surprise, surprise). He yelled at me to get off the couch with my food, but the Woman just laughed and laughed at how cute I was. So now it is tradition for me to bring the last piece of broccoli to the Woman so she can have a good laugh. Ian still yells at me too, so it's twice the fun!


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