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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ordering Heartworm Medicine On-line

When we lived in Mobile, the Woman ordered my heartworm preventative on-line, because it was cheaper that getting it from the Vet. When you order this type of medicine on-line, they first call your Vet to ensure you have a valid prescription for the medicine. Our Vet in Mobile never had a problem with this. When we moved to Asheville, we initially went to the Fairview Animal Hospital, because it was the closest clinic to us. During my first visit to this Vet, the Woman refilled my heartworm medicine from them, no questions asked, no heartworm test required. Six months later, she tried to refill it on-line to save some money, but Fairview Animal Hospital declined the request stating that I needed to have a heartworm test first. The Woman called the clinic and asked why they declined the prescription, and they told her that they do not prescribe this medicine without a heartworm test. However, Ian drove to the clinic two days later, and they sold him more of the medicine without giving me a heartworm test. So, they were basically lying about their policy in order to make money off the People.

A couple weeks later, the on-line vendor sent the Woman a letter saying that what the Vet is doing is unfair. They are forcing us to pay more money for heartworm preventative than we have to, and advised her to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The Woman took their advice and finally got a response from Fairview Animal Hospital today. They are denying that the on-line vendor ever even contacted them! The Woman is fuming mad. She called the on-line vendor and got the history of all that transpired between them and the Vet. It turns out that the on-line vendor sent them three faxes and received a telephone call and a fax in return. The Woman wrote this up in her rebuttal, but she suspects they will get off clean by playing stupid. Just because they are bad record keepers does not mean this never happened. Furthermore, they didn't even address their policy on not allowing on-line companies to refill prescriptions. They completely dodged the issue! Needless to say, the Woman is seriously ticked off.

If you live in the Asheville area, I recommend you to stay away from Fairview Animal Hospital. Their policies are unfair, and apparently their record keeping is shoddy.

I have had great experiences with Asheville Veterinary Associates on Leicester Hwy. Their prices are fair, and they take time and care with their patients. I also like Heartsong Animal Clinic, but they are quite pricey.


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    Awesome! Love your blog. The best work written by a dog (or anyone for that matter). I sometimes have a dry nose too and I'm a human.


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