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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back to Normal

We are back from the Ohio trip, which lasted longer than expected, because sadly, the Woman's Grandpa passed away. We made it to the hospital Saturday night before he died, so she was able to see him off to Heaven, which was good, but she is very sad that he died. I told her not to worry - Chewbear will keep him company until you see him again. She wasn't really all that comforted by that thought, because she says her Grandpa wasn't keen on dogs.

The People were glad they could not find a dog sitter for me, because they say I helped comfort people during our stay. The Woman's nephews, Dalton and Nathin, were very close to their Great Grandpa, and I was the only one able to console them. The Woman's Gram also took a liking to me, and I was able to keep her cheered up a little bit. I also kept the Woman's Great Aunt Glenna company and made her laugh some. The People were both surprised at how good a dog I was for the entire trip. We had a lot of going back and forth from this house to the next, and although I was a terror in the car, I never once peed in anyone's house or caused any problems. I hope they know I used up all my good credits on that trip, so not to expect that to ever happen again.


  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Your Woman was right to name you Good Boy Norman...I'm glad you were able to make the family smile at your during that difficult sorry to hear your granddad passed away.


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