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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I guess I'm a little late with this greeting, but I have been pretty busy ringing in the New Year, and the Woman's computer has been turned off any way. The Girly Cousins have been here since Saturday, and the days have been filled with me chasing them around, and them growling and barking at me. They're not all that playful, and that makes me sad. I was hoping they would warm up to me and maybe play a little tug or tag or something, but they never did. Whenever I got near either of them, they would jump into one of their Peoples' laps and growl. It was frustrating. They left this morning, so I can start the recovery process now. I think I'll sleep all day!

The People always have fondu at the Gammy's house on New Year's Eve. I usually get to go, but since the Girly Cousins were here, I did not get to go. The People said three dogs would be too much chaos, and that meant none of us "dogs" got to go. Oh well. I don't get to eat the fondu any way, so it's probably best I didn't have to sit around and smell it cooking!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year's Eve. From all your blogs, it seems that most of you did the same thing I did - sat at home and enjoyed the comfort of your couches! Happy New Year to you all!


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