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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Dinner

We had Easter Dinner with some of our neighborhood friends on Sunday evening. I guess it was fun for the People, but it was not all that enjoyable for me. There were lots of little kids there, and they pulled on my tail and chased me around. They tried to pick me up, and the little one wanted to ride me! Geesh. The People left me at home, and then came and got me later in the night. If I'd have known what I was in for, I would have stayed at home. Good thing I pooped in the plant room before the People came and got me. I guess I was anticipating my bad night and wanted them to pay! I was paying it forward - LOL!

I hope you all had a better Easter than me!


  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger girlville said…

    goodness, norman. that sounds like a bad easter...first the headgear, now this!

  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger Tami said…

    How considerate of you Norman! You just wanted to give Woman some free fertilizer for her plants ;)

  • At 10:32 AM, Blogger Salinger The Pug said…

    Pulled your tail and tried to RIDE you? You poor traumatized Puggy!

    I hope you blew PugSnot on those little turds!

    I hope the REST of your Easter was better than that!!!


  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good thinking Norman!!

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger Nevis said…

    Wanted to ride you? Aww...poor Norman!

  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Priscilla said…

    Poor Normie! Frank is fine with all the fussin. Can't get enough. Maya B however is quite b-tchy when company comes.


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