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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sausage Fest 2008!

The People had a party this weekend, and I WAS invited to it! This doesn't really make up for their little rendezvous with girlville, but it is a start. The party was called Sausage Fest and featured gourmet sausages from Earth Fare cooked on the grill. A lot of people thought Sausage Fest was an "all boy" event, but I'm not sure why.

Here are some sausages cooking on grill #1. We had two grills going! I don't know what kind they all are ... Probably some broccoli and some beef and some goodboy bone. Everyone said they were really good, and those are the three best tasting things I know about, so they must have been those flavors.

sausages on the grill

Ian designed t-shirts for the event. The posting of this silly photo of Mr. Ian is additional payback for the Yadkin Valley incident. We're *almost* even now.

ian at sausefest 2008

Katherine is busy growing a miniature human inside her belly, but she took some time out from that work to enjoy a sausage or two.

katherine at sausagefest 2008

I tried to explain to Nate and Andy that there were enough sausages for them to each have their own, but they really wanted to share.

andy and nate at sausagefest 2008

Margarita and Big Girl Sarah had some love for the host of the party - me!

margarita and sarah at sausagefest 2008

This is Jane. She is my New Woman. Don't tell Old Woman though, but I really love Jane. Old Woman was getting jealous of Jane, because I kept bringing her toys and trying to get up on her lap instead of Old Woman's. There's just something about Jane that makes me go, "woof!" in a very special way.

jane and norman at sausagefest 2008

See what she does to me? I'm spinning so fast the camera can't even catch me!

norman at sausagefest 2008

Kris, Lyn and Claire chilling out.

lyn, claire and kris at sausagefest 2008

I tried to stay clear of the kids, because they were in a feisty mood!

sarah at sausagefest 2008

The Gammy trying to restrain Paige - LOL! Just kidding. Paige is a great kid.

paige and debbi at sausagefest 2008

Some more of the festival goers.

sausagefest 2008

This shot of Lyn's new sandals is for girlville since she loves shoes so much. Woman thought she would like these sandals, and since Woman and girlville are so "buddy buddy" now, she made me post this.

lyn's cool new shoes

So that's Sausage Fest 2008 people. Maybe there will be a 2009 version next year!


  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger Tami said…

    Norman, I think Woman and Ian have some very fortunate friends! We don't have sausage fest around here.

  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger The Devil Dog said…

    Sausage fest? Oh, be still my beating heart. All I can say is YUM. I hope you got some. Broccolis sausage? Reall? Honest? Wow, I think that would be best of all!


  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Clover said…

    Hi Norman!
    Sausage fest looks like so much fun!! New Woman sounds like my auntie Jenn - I always ignore my mom when auntie Jenn is around.
    Love Clover xo

  • At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mmm sausage.. heehee that sounds so wrong! Your new woman is very preety! It looks like you had lots of fun!

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Page said…

    Wow, Norman, you were really gettin' lucky with the ladies!! You're such a ladies man....

  • At 11:06 AM, Blogger Nevis said…


  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger rpm said…

    Wow, what a great party! Norman, you have a thing for pretty girls...that could get you in trouble. Ian looks like a comedian to me! That t-shirt is too funny.

  • At 9:35 PM, Blogger AM said…

    I love that shirt! That is great. Jason said he wants to go to Sausage Fest 2009.

  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger MJG said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 11:44 AM, Anonymous lepug said…

    We want to go to Sausage Fest 2009! Yummy in my Pug tummy. Delicious sausages...


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