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Friday, October 01, 2010

Four Years Cancer Free - Restart the Clock

It has been four years since my last mast cell tumor was removed. I've been living la vida loca since then, and Woman has been checking me frequently for lumps. Unfortunately she found a suspicious lump recently. We took a trip to the Vet today to have it checked out, and after aspirating it and studying the cells under the microscope, the Vet concluded that it is another mast cell tumor. And, there's another lump that might also be a mast cell tumor. The cells of the second lump didn't clearly show up as mast cells under the microscope, but they still exhibited mast cell like properties. Woman isn't really clear what that means.

I am scheduled for surgery Tuesday, October 12 to have both lumps removed. Woman is pretty upset. Ian assures her that I'll be alright, but you know how Woman can be!

On the way out of the Vet office, Woman ran into a lady who commented on how handsome I am, and they got to talking. The lady told Woman that she was there to put her Great Pyrenees to rest. Woman and the lady cried together in the parking lot for a good long time. Woman hugged the lady and petted the big dog named Lampchop. Poor Woman. She's having a rough day. RIP Lambchop. Your lady will miss you.


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Southern Fried Pugs said…

    That stinks that the cancer is back. But you had four years without, you can have another four years. Our foster brother Quincy had two mast cell tumors removed last year, three months of chemo, but he had tumors come back right away. He's 11 and in rescue. That means, no more tumor removal, no real treatment except for pain management when he needs it. But he doesn't need it and it's been over a year since the end of chemo. His tumors are barely growing at all and he's doing great for a cancer patient. His old age (and dementia honestly) causes him more problems than cancer.

    So Norman, we are going to call on the higher Pug power and believe that you are going to be just fine. Scars add character. And they are a babe magnet.

    Good luck,
    Tallulah and Petunia ~ The Southern Fried Pugs

  • At 10:23 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Norman, you will be in my prayers and all paws crossed here that all goes well with your surgery and you get free of any bad cells. You fought the fight before and you are strong and your Woman is strong and your Ian is, too. When I hear of a friend earning their wings, like the one your Woman met today, it just makes me hug and kiss my "kids" extra. It so hard to part with our loves.

  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger Wilma said…

    Aw Norman,
    That stinks that those darn cells are back. I know that you will be OK, and I will be hoping for your surgery to go smoothly.
    I feel so sad for the lady who had to say goodbye to her love today. She was lucky to have your woman to hug and cry with. Boy, some days sure are harder than others.

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Page said…

    awww, your poor woman. i know you aren't worried at all, norman! we're saying our prayers for you that the surgery is successful and that you are cancer free afterwards! your woman was very sweet to talk with the lady putting her doggie to sleep. praying for peace for her as well.

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Rachel said…

    Oh Norman, we will be praying for you and Woman next Tuesday. I'm sure everything will be A-OK. You are a champion of these things and you will win again this round.

    Lots of love and licks from us,
    Rachel, Winston & Clementine

  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger ECLECTICS said…

    Norman-we will include you in our puggy prayers...we know you will be fine because you are a good pug and full of life.
    All the best-
    Stinky Pete and Ben

  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Jemima Jones Beck said…

    Poor you Norman! But I am sure that you will be ok! We will be thinking of you on the 12th!

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger Goodboy Norman Featherstone said…

    Thanks everyone for your support, prayers and super kind words!

  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger Tami said…

    This whole post makes me want to cry. I am sorry for Norman that he has to have surgery. I will be praying for him! I am sure he will be just fine :)

  • At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for some infor for my pug - Stanley - and Norman, you are awesome! Stanley and I wish you the best of luck.

  • At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh Norman I am so sorry. I have the utmost confidence your lumps will be removed and then you will be cancer free for a long time!

    I hope I don't make this worse but I think the second lump is precancerous. So it will be very good to get it removed.

    Oh that is so sad, RIP Lambchop.

  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger Swampgirl said…

    We will be thinking about you next week! I'm thinking that you will get a lot of butt scratching to help you recover so play it up! XXOO Bitsey. Eli and The Chug

  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger Punchbugpug said…

    Norman, I sure will be thinking of you and the Woman during this time! Cyber hugs and prayers coming your way....speedy recovery my little friend!

  • At 1:20 AM, Blogger AM said…

    I cried just reading this!

    Norman is so tough, he will make it thru that surgery with no problems and then he will kick that cancer out.

    And that lady in the parking lot is probably going to remember what you did for a long long time. What a tough day for her and you helped her.

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger C.l.o.v.e.r. said…

    Hi Norman,
    I am so sorry to hear about your lumps - I will be thinking very good thoughts and sending healing vibes your way. I am sure your surgery will go well and once it's all over, you can go back to living la vida loca.
    Puggy hugs and kisses coming your way, please share some with Woman!

  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger martha said…

    Hugs and prayers to both Norman and Woman!

  • At 9:09 AM, Blogger Jemima Jones Beck said…

    Good luck today Norman!

  • At 4:32 PM, Blogger ECLECTICS said…

    Let us know how Norman (and you) are doing? Lots of love and prayers going your way today!

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger kristie said…

    norman, i hope your surgery went okay yesterday!

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger kristie said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger Nancy Medina said…

    Norman, you are in our thoughts and prayers, sweet baby boy.
    with much love,
    Aunt Nancy, Howie, Java, Annie, and Tanner


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