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Monday, November 09, 2009

Snug as Three Pugs ...

Ian tried to abandon me last Wednesday. Woman had to teach two classes during the day, and while she was gone, Ian harnessed me up to take a walk. I was excited since Ian rarely takes me on a solo walk without Woman. I was even more excited when we made what I thought was a pit stop to visit my BFF Pugsley. I was not so excited when Ian left Pugsley's house without me!

Thankfully, the People did come back for me yesterday night, and I was ready to come home to my toys and GIANT bed. When I was at Pugsley's, all three of us pugs slept in one cage! We were snug as three pugs in a rug! LOL! I didn't realize how big my doggie bed is until this weekend.

Hootie missed me a lot. I gave him some extra squeaks to let him know I still love him.


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