Goodboy Norman Featherstone

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Pug in the Hand

Is worth two in the armpits?

sam, sarah and norman

I'm not sure what that means. Maybe Big Girl Sarah was out of deodorant and decided to use us Pugs to mask her musk. I did just have a bath last month after all!

Who is that extra Pug you ask? Don't get too excited. It is neither my new sibling nor my soul mate Pugsley. It's Sammy!!

sam the pug

He's a good looking boy, and I like the way his butt smells.

norman and sam the pug

Sammy is Meghan's Pug. You may remember Meghan as Big Girl Sarah's co-worker at the Chestnut Foundation. Remember? I got to work with her. Fun times.

Big Girl Sarah is pugsitting Sammy while his people are in Italy. I was a little apprehensive to play with Sam, because I am supposed to be Sarah's only Pug-love. Apparently, there are two of us. I guess I can share. Just don't get near Woman, Sam...


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